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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Confidential: The reasons for the absence of Ayuk Tabe and Co. at the Tribunal

Due to their absences from the Tribunal, Ambazonia state leader and his lieutenants saw the hearing on their release request postponed until Thursday, November 1, 2018.

The leader and his close associates were arrested in Nigeria ten months ago, are they still alive? Have they been murdered, as some activists in the Anglophone crisis have us believe? a huge disappointment for those hoping to have answers to these two concerns in a habeas corpus hearing scheduled for Thursday, October 11, 2018 at the Mfoundi Court of Appeal to rule on a request for release by the council secessionists arrested in Nigeria and held incommunicado in Yaoundé.

According to testimonies, it is because of a slowness in the transfer of an administrative document, that the defendants responded to the absent subscribers at the helm. An absence that prompted the President of the Tribunal to postpone his verdict.

In order to decide this case, the presence of the accused is indispensable "because we are in a special procedure of habeas corpus. It is a Latin word that means in French come with the body of the offense.In his absence, we can not open the debate, "said Christopher Ndong, one of the advocates of the leaders.

To justify this absence, the State Secretariat for Defense (SED) where the defendants are kept, indicates that it did not receive in time, the extraction mandate of the accused for the Court of Appeal.

"When we arrived in court, we were surprised to find that the defendants were absent. And when we raised this fact in court, the Advocate General responded by presenting the extraction document that he says he did indeed serve at the SED.The SED investigators did not bring the detainees. This is the reason for the dismissal. We said that it is inadmissible. The public prosecutor and the court were asked to do everything possible with the means of the State and the law to bring them to court our clients. While we were discussing the date of the return, the colonel who is in charge of the SED investigation has arrived. He stated that he had not been informed for ten minutes of the request to extract the accused Julius Ayuk Tabe and others. This Colonel himself said that he is asking for a firm referral with the promise that he will have them come to the next hearing. So, we expected, the president of the court, the colonel of the SED, the defense lawyers and the Advocate General for the referral on 1 November 2018 for the production of the accused Julius Ayuk Tabe and nine others. That's what happened the day before yesterday at the Court of Appeal, "says Master Chritopher Ndong.

Suspected of being the brains of the rebels who took up arms to demand the independence of Southwest and Northwest, the two Anglophone regions of Cameroon, Sisiku Ayuk and company, arrested in Nigeria, have been without trial since their transfer to the Cameroon.