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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Chassement: Maurice Kamto says he is ready for any eventuality

Before the Constitutional Council tonight Maurice KAMTO declares: "" My name is KAMTO Maurice, born in Bafoussam in 1954, given my birthplace and my origins, I am Bamileke, many would have wanted me to say otherwise If I could pass a contest to become Bulu, I would, but I am Bamileke and I assume my origins. "

These remarks are held at the beginning of his speech. KAMTO sets the course of the discussion. shifts the debate from the legal field to the political terrain. It says in a few words: I won the election I am legitimate. But we refuse to give me the legality not because I do not have the legitimacy of the people but because I am not Bulu but Bamileke.

KAMTO is very intelligent. And the problem of smart people is that when they do things, it takes time to understand them. The words of KAMTO before the highest court are both serious and important. He says in the background that the problem of Cameroon is the power held by Bulu who believe that there is only Bulu to lead Cameroon. That's why he asks to make a contest to become Bulu. This situation leads to three implications:

1- It reassures its electoral base and prepares it for contestation. Besides, he spoke of resistance. He tells his militants Biya lost will use the constitutional council to stay in power. They refuse to legally recognize my victory because I am not Bulu. The battle will therefore be political.

2- KAMTO knows that the country is divided. Beyond the francophone and anglophone divide, he knows that the electoral process was marked by the resurgence of the tribal discourse. Moreover, he accuses the power of having built this hatred among Cameroonians. He puts the plan on hold. He tells them to be careful because as the power is Bulu other identity groups can organize themselves to take power and this will be the disaster.Besides, the weapons are already in circulation in the country.

3- KAMTO reassures the Beti and Bulu who voted for him. He asks them to dissociate themselves from their brothers who want to create chaos. Not only does he recall his academic and social background to show that he is a man of open peace and has no problem of tribalism, but on top of that he knows that even Beti and Bulu voted for him. In reality he is trying to create a trans-ethnic alliance to overthrow a power that relies on ethnicity to govern.

In fact KAMTO knew from the start that the dice were stacked and simply used his time in front of the Constitutional Council to remobilize his troops. This after showing the national and international opinion that the Constitutional Council was in the pay of the CPDM, that the CPDM, ELECAM and MINATD all worked for Biya. There he has laid the foundation for the legitimacy of a popular revolt to bring down Biya.

By emphasizing that he will resist, he is a leader of the Chassement de Biya and is ready for any eventualities for the cause.


Reporter: Boris Bertolt