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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Chantal Biya foils a military coup

Cameroon has come close to a military coup, following the announcement by Professor Maurice Kamto of his victory in the last presidential election. Immediately Professor Maurice Kamto has finished announcing his victory: the FAUCONS betis of the galaxy bulu close de paul biya organized the riposte. Among those Bulb tribalists who do not intend to let go of power and present at this meeting; there was:

1-Jacques Fame Ndongo.

2-Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo.

3-Louis-Paul Motaze

4-Fouman Akam

5-Akame Mfoumou

6-Michel Meva Meboutou.

7-Martin Mbarga Nguele

8-ferdinand ngoh ngoh.

9-Pastor Baboke

10-Chantal Biya

11- SAMUEL mvondo ayolo.

12-General Fouda

13-General Mendoua

14-Chief of Staff of the Armies Meka claude Rene

15-General Etoundi

16-Divisional Commissioner Maxime Eko, Director of the DGRE (Secret Service).

17-the general melingui

18-General Nouma.

19-com GP.

20-the DSP.

21-The Com BIR

Only point on the agenda: prevent by all means the seizure of power by Professor Maurice Kamto, winner of the last presidential election.

Fame Ndongo the chief ideologue of beti supremacy over the rest of Cameroon organizing this secret meeting poses two solutions on the table:

1-If Biya capitulates and decides to recognize the victory of Professor Maurice Kamto: the betis hawks will be forced to make a military coup and install in power Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo, judged harder than Beti Assomo and Louis paul Motaze.

2-Convince Biya not to yield via his wife Chantal Biya; and place ELECAM and the Constitutional Council under permanent and direct control of the army and this group of anti-KAMTO tribalists. Chantal Biya will therefore make the commitment to this threatening and violent group, to convince her husband to stay in power by refusing to recognize the victory of Maurice Kamto. Preventing these cold monsters from seizing power by force.

This is the second option that will be retained. ELECAM and the Constitutional Council have already been placed under the control of these hawks. It is in this context that the Constitutional Council will only linger over the next week, the victory of paul biya as decided by this group of conservative and tribalist Bulu-Beti ready for anything.

The Cameroonian opposition of which I am part will she let go? Certainly not. We are in order of battle to make Cameroon ungovernable if the victory of Professor Maurice Kamto is stolen.