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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Census: more than 4,000 state employees threatened with suspension

In all, there are 4.392 State agents whose salaries are in danger of suspension. From this month of October until December 2018, they will see their salaries paid exclusively by cash in all the perceptions of the city of Yaounde, against presentation of a discharge.

During this time, they will clarify their situation during the litigation period of the operation "Physical Count of State Personnel" ( COPPE), whose pre-litigation phase begins on October 26, 2018, and ends on January 4, 2019. This is at least what is mentioned in the MINFI communiqué, signed on October 18, 2018.

In this communiqué, it is specified that this important step of the COPPE 2018, aims to clarify the situation of non-registered public officials, as well as those whose census was invalidated after the exploitation of the various data collected.

According to the "Ministry of Finance" (MINFI), several checkpoints and orientation will be installed within the Cameroon financial institution (Building A). The goal is to facilitate obtaining the necessary discharge for the payment of these wages. These positions will be functional every working day.

All the agents concerned, will come with a number of coins. In particular, a 4x4 photo, a certified photocopy of the national identity card, a photocopy of the recruitment act, a photocopy of the last act of reclassification or advancement, the original of an attestation of actual presence signed after the publication of the MINFI communiqué, a photocopy of the deed of appointment (if the officer holds a position of responsibility).

The same is true of the original documents justifying the non-census of the agent during the physical counting period (for non-enumerated agents), the additional documents required by the controller, for public officials whose census has been invalidated.