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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Case of fake letter of Macron diffused: a French newspaper says everything!

Many netizens assured that the congratulatory missive of the French president to his Cameroon counterpart was a fake. Wrongly.


The news fell on October 22: for the seventh time in a row, Paul Biya is elected President of Cameroon. A post he has held since 1982.

Since this reelection, the Twitter account @PR_Paul_Biya shares congratulatory letters from other foreign heads of state.This account is not "certified" but it would be that of Biya. At least, it communicates in the same way as the Facebook page of the Cameroonian president, who is it "certified", so authentic.

A letter - published both on Paul Biya's Facebook and Twitter pages - caught the attention of Internet users. It bears the signature of Emmanuel Macron, and congratulates the Cameroonian president for his re-election.

???????????????? On the occasion of my reelection, President Emmanuel Macron is pleased to congratulate me. He expresses his will to work to strengthen the old relations of trust and friendship between #Cameroon and # France # PaulBiya # 237Vote

Internet users doubt the veracity of this missive. First, according to them, because the signature does not look like the one we know Emmanuel Macron. Also because it does not include the coat of arms of the French Republic. Finally because there is no trace of such communication on the websites of the French diplomacy or the French presidency.

Contacted by CheckNews, the Elysee confirms the authenticity of the letter. It is specified that it was not intended to be made public, which explains why it does not find any trace elsewhere.

The Presidency makes some clarifications "This is not a simple letter of congratulations. As in all protocol mail, there is also a message addressed to the recipient. "It comes down to three points, each one in one paragraph.

The Elysée insists on the "renewal in continuity" which is mentioned in the letter, to "meet the aspirations of youth." The Palace also highlights the mention in the missive of the "fight against Boko Haram" and the "deep concern" of France about the English-speaking areas of Cameroon.

For its part, the Cameroonian presidency did not respond to CheckNews' requests.