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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

CAN 2019: Paul Biya surfing the naivety of Cameroonians

It's not only the footballers. Everyone who is famous in different sports is so welcome in Etoudi. He could not be taken at his word, Paul, who has always advocated equality in sport. "There is no major sport or minor sport". It is true that despite this wishful thinking, those in charge of the application of this sports vision of the Head of State are at their head. Football is certainly the king because Cameroonians have made it a religion and perhaps because it is the discipline that has already won the most laurels.Other, according to the form of the moment and the availability of nerve of war, money. How many times, Cameroon has been absent at some international competitions because of the empty boxes!This will never happen to Lions football even if sometimes they make the headlines because of the amateurism that characterizes the organization of their outings.

The fact remains that the tenant of Etoudi because himself sports (amateur bike, golf and walking) always gives the opportunity to his young compatriots to come to present the trophies won around the world. The images are fresh in memories. On these occasions, Paul is often so close to the youth, to embarrass the protocol because, submitting to the whims of these athletes whose obsession is always to take a picture with the father of the Nation.How many times have we seen help these children handle their devices for some selfies with him that decorate forever, the saloons of their homes? This is the good side. The one he knows. The moments of celebration. But to reach it is not always a long calm river.

CAN, "the day says"

For the new seventh year ahead, the biggest and most urgent record, will be the one linked to the next African Cup of Nations. Nations that our country welcomes in June 2019. Recently receiving Mr. Ahmad Ahmad, it was built on the realities of construction sites. For the president of the Caf who is not a model of diplomacy has been clear: it is Cameroon, so his own compatriots he receives annoying calls alleging that Cameroon will not be ready. The names of these troubled troublemakers are now posted in Etoudi and will soon know the anger of the Lion.

Infrastructure that is costing twice the budget. Repeated strikes in the various construction sites. The immobilism of certain administrations that behave as if they were not involved in the organization of this Can. The over-invoicing of the works; difficult to admit that for nine kilometers of bitumen, it is worth forty-five billion francs. The roads of the cities called to shelter the chickens, a catastrophe. A real invitation to traffic jams. As for the pestilential odors, there is reason to believe that some mayors confuse garbage cans with flowerpots. The hotels, another concern. The Caf requires hotels of four to five stars. In Cameroon, one has a rough idea of ​​what is called star hotel. Here, we think that a simple stroke of paint turns a motel into a hotel. Yet, they see what is called hotel during their wanderings around the world, etc. Proposal, summon all those who are concerned by the Can for a state of affairs without complacency on the preparations and the actual situation of the building sites in ... Unity Palace. It is still surprising that at the end of each strike we are told that deadlines will be respected, even after two, three or four days of disengagement.

For the rest, it would be a good choice and a new speech to those called to animate the sport in our country. The honor of the country is always damaged by the various facts that serve our national teams to the face of the world. The last release of the indomitable Lionesses in Grenoble in France is a soap opera that ended in a bitter defeat of six goals to zero. But it was simply a friendly game planned for a long time. Only those who had to put it to music, do not know how we get the tickets, visas, hotel reservations and even bonuses. So do not continue in this register.

Always speaking of football, it comes out of an extraordinary general assembly which did not know the unanimity. This football has a hard time to have an executive and is more managed in standardization committee mode. No satisfactory result comes out. But it's always about money, a lot of money that ends up in the pockets of individuals. Without justice taking advantage of these cases of misappropriation. Even less the Conac and its corollaries.

The National Football Academy is gradually being put in place. But, schools as in the past must necessarily have sports facilities. It is the Ossuc who produced us the stars in time. At school, sport is a subject in its own right, at least if it is revalued with a good coefficient to the binder to continue to be a simple optional subject, except on presentation of a medical certificate.

For fear of playing extra time, we should nevertheless review the budgeting of international competitions hosted by our country. There is a lack of clarity between the tutelage and the federations. Organizing an international competition at home does not mean that Cameroon is in charge of everything. No ! Our country puts at the disposal of the foreign teams the sports infrastructures and facilitates their lodging, restoration, transport, etc. Since by accrediting, they (the teams) pay. That's what we do when we compete abroad. There are rare cases where the organizing country can take care of the transport, case of the military planes during competitions organized by the Cism. Otherwise for the rest, there is matter for questioning, in the absence of diversion.

Source: SIGNATURE / No. 0100