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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Cameroonians are too interested in my life - Jean de Dieu Momo

Since the announcement of his support for President Biya, Me Jean De Dieu Momo is presented in the eyes of Internet users as a very controversial character.

Thrown to the hot water of social networks, the international lawyer said now being spied everywhere in Yaounde.

« I'm in Yaoundé, I'm tracked, I'm spied on, I'm filmed everywhere and put my pictures online to say: here it goes, it's Fingon, it's the traitor ", indignant Me Jean From God Momo.

Yesterday's opponent has returned his jacket and now belongs to the collective of 20 opposition political parties who decided to support the candidate Paul Biya.

For him, the Cameroonian opposition is only a "shame". The beautiful pages of Cameroon's history, he says, "can only be written with Paul Biya"