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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Cameroon: relatives of Biya empty the State treasury towards Asia

It is learned that the International Service of Surveillance has intercepted for five days important demands for foreign currency and several solicitations for transfers of very large sums of money between Cameroon and Asian countries, probably Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Korea. South and Vietnam.

Tax havens such as Monaco or Lichtenstein, Principality of Western Europe would also be in great demand. It will be remembered that Sani Abacha, the Nigerian president who died during his presidential term (1993, died in 1998), had hidden a good deal of money stolen during his presidency.

If the African embezzlers were accustomed to hide the money stolen in Switzerland, France or America, we see that these raptors would have learned from the crisis in Ivory Coast since several accounts of the regime's elders had been frozen.

Asia would be asked to avoid, it is believed, NGOs to easily trace in the European banks suspicious accounts often domiciled in the form of nominees.

The money could leave Cameroon and would probably pass through Portugal thanks to the camouflage specialists to be transferred to tax havens. Unfortunately for the regime's pundits who either anticipate the fall of the outgoing president or fear troubled times, large transactions in money or demand for foreign currency have now been followed or even intercepted since 9/11.

Among these solicitors of foreign exchange, there would be 2 women so a prominent minister and a minister in which bags of money were discovered or stolen these last years.

If some have bothered, before the elections, to evacuate their families or transfer the money to the accounts of their families abroad, it may be difficult to empty the Cameroonian banks. Radar being focused on Cameroon.

It is also rumored that the Equatorial Guinean authorities have already intercepted 2 night transports of sacks of money from Cameroon. What about Gabonese or Nigerian borders? To be continued.