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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Cameroon: an ex-minister of Paul Biya is battling between life and death in Paris

Those who have met the former Minister of Public Works, these last hours are almost all unanimous. Martin Aristide Okouda is only a shadow of himself. 

Victim of prolonged amnesia, the former Minister of Economic Affairs of Programming and Regional Planning would be in a critical situation, to the point where it is even, at this moment, impossible to recognize his relatives.

In medical evacuation in France for many months now, the former 67-year-old government member had left Cameroon in incredible conditions, struck by a serious stroke.

Proposed to the commission of CEMAC in 2012, after the recall of Antoine Ntsimi (according to revelations made by the letter of the continent) the name of the native of Yaounde had subsequently made headlines, in a dismal history of misappropriation of public funds.

Born Martinique September 6, 1951 in Martinique Yaoudé Martin Aristide Okouda studied primary school in Yaoundé and secondary school at Lycée Général Leclerc where he obtained the Baccalaureate in 1969 His graduate studies took place in Paris, France, where he obtained a Bachelor's degree in economics, a DES in economics and finally a degree from the Institute of Administration of Paris companies.

Recruited at the Ministry of Planning in 1980, he was in turn Deputy Head of the Department of Corporate Control at the Directorate of Industry (1981-1982) Deputy Director of External Financing at the Directorate of Programming (1982-1983 ) Deputy Director of Economic and Technical Cooperation and cumulatively Deputy Director of International and Multilateral Cooperation at the Ministry of Planning and Spatial Planning (September 26, 1983 - March 6, 1987). On March 6, 1987, Martin Okouda was appointed chargé de mission in the office of the President of the Republic. From 1989 to 1991 he was Chargé de Mission at the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic.

On 31 July 1991 he was appointed Special Adviser to the Prime Minister; and from 27 November 1992 to 18 March 2000, he held the portfolio of Minister in charge of Mission to the Presidency of the Republic.On March 18, 2000 he was promoted Minister of Public Investments and Territorial Development. From August 24, 2002 to December 8, 2004, he was Minister of Economic Affairs for Programming and Spatial Planning. He left the government as Minister of Public Works.