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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Cameroon does not have the characteristics of a normal country

In any normal country, civil society challenges and is indignant at what it thinks is an injustice; in a normal country, the populations show their disagreement by going out into the street, strikes and pacifist demonstrations; in a normal country, social networks are a weapon, a collective space where to be indignant at injustices.

The candidacy of outgoing President Paul BIYA in this presidential election is yet another injustice done in Cameroon; the candidature of Biya is yet another violence against the Cameroonian people, there are those well sheltered behind their little privileges that will tell you the opposite;Biya's candidacy is yet another desecration of the memory of our nationalist heroes, those who gave their lives for the independence of Cameroon.

I am of the generation of less than 36 years old, that which knew 5 presidents in only one, that which was rocked during all its schooling in Cameroon by songs of the party in power to the glory of President Paul Biya.

To those who speak to me of "FREEDOM" of "CHOICE", words that they suddenly discovered with this election: allow mine of freedom and choice to express themselves and to be indignant at the unspeakable. You are the most unbearable. You hide behind your defense of the said "freedom" of nebulous convictions. 36 years of immobilism have made you fatalistic, removing all attempts to set you up against social injustices, each taking the best care of one's personal interests. You have never known how to get up in the face of an injustice, besides, you should already know how to recognize it.

Many of you live, or travel very regularly, in highly developed Western countries where people go to the streets when the wand increases by 10 cents. To you more particularly I offer my most perfect contempt, since that of Biya does not pose any problem of conscience, so receive mine here this morning.

Martin Luther King said: "Nothing is more dangerous in the world than true ignorance and conscientious stupidity."

Reporter: Patricia Bakalack