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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Cameroon: All who saw the body of Irene Biya were killed, including the priest

Twenty-six years after his death, there is still doubt about the real circumstances and causes of the death of the first wife of Cameroonian President Paul Biya Jeanne-Irène Biya.

In the book "The true face of Paul Biya", the Cameroonian writer Ebalé Angounou reveals series of "murders" that took place a few days after the death of Jeanne-Irene Biya and that would have a link with the death of the first lady. Extract…

In Dakar the heads of state are in conclave when Paul Biya gets up to express to his peers the terrible news. What happened ?The comment of Charles Ndongo, journalist who accompanied the head of state, will instruct us. The former journalist of the President, in his report on the subject, said that Paul Biya, knowing that he had left his wife very ill in the country, expected the worst.

But duty called him in Dakar. So he was waiting for news at any moment. He felt anxious, embarrassed. Then his aide-de-camp approached at one point to communicate the news.

Then Paul Biya stood up to say solemnly: "I have just been told a terrible news: my wife has died."

We are in August 1992. A close look, Charles Ndongo, brilliant journalist, is not a naive. And between the lines we can detect his message. Because a husband who loves his wife can not move when he knows that it may make the soul after him.Paul Biya showed impatience to the point of consulting his watch. He had the details of his wife's execution. He knew that once the operation was completed, it would be announced to him. He even knew at what time the blow would take place.

The slightest delay exasperated him because he was afraid of failure: this kind of blow must absolutely succeed. The African peers of Paul Biya were not fooled because, they scented the circle. They know each other well enough. This explains why there was no head of state around him for religious services. Just messages of condolence where one would have massively come to pay homage to that which was lady Biya. Even their wives, of whom the deceased had many friends, did not take the trouble to move. It was a boycott because all were unhappy with Paul Biya they were disassociated.

If President Mobutu comes to assist Paul Biya, which is quite understandable when we know that the two men were in the same practices. This meant that Dakar was an alibi for Paul Biya who, having decided on the death of his wife, had judged the opportunity to be out of the country when the assassination of it was perpetrated.Having learned of the death of Jeanne-Irene, the President returns immediately to the country. He realizes then that the deceased received a few hours ago nuns.He panics. These are the friends and confidants of his ex-wife. Would she not have given them secrets that could compromise her as she promised to do?

Acting in line with the concerns of the President of the Republic, Minlo'o Medjo will dispatch an emergency commando to Djoum. An intrusion is made in the premises of the good sisters. They will be brutalized, tortured, mistreated, and finally killed after they confess. One of the two tapes in which the deceased had recorded revelations about her life with her husband is recovered. The other was transmitted to the Abbot Amougou of the diocese of Sangmélima, by the nuns.

After the mass he will celebrate at the funeral of Jeanne-Irene, this priest will be found dead in a very curious and inexplicable way. The secret should absolutely surround the circumstances and conditions of Jeanne-Irene's death. Anyone who might say something about it had to disappear.

Starting with those who executed it, elements of a special division of presidential security, shot by their colleagues. After shooting down Jeanne-Irène and the nuns of Djoum, they too went to the pan. The medical examiner who issued the death certificate was executed, as were women of the Catholic Church who had taken the remains of Jeanne-Irene.This body was retracted to the Cameroonians because they had in their presence, a body mutilated by three bullets automatic pistol. Now, we wanted to make believe that she was sick and died. That's not counting with his program.

because she had an exit to perform the day after the day of her death. She had to go with Yaou Aïssatou then minister in charge of the promotion of the woman, in the zone of Obala for the visit of a field of mushrooms realized by an association of rural women. If her state of health would not have allowed her, the program would have been canceled.

However, one day before the release date, so the day of her death, Jeanne-Irene received Yaou Aïssatou and the two women had studied the outlines of the ceremony of the next day whose date had been maintained. That is to say that she was in perfect health and Paul Biya while going to Dakar, did not leave behind a wife physically badly in point, as wanted to suggest it the official versions, trying to justify the sudden death of the first lady.

The suspicious accident of Motaze Roger

Since their return from Dakar, Motaze Roger does not have a clear conscience. His aunt died because he did not know how to protect her. While he should have. He now feels his absence. On both sides of the family, he is under pressure. The life of the Palace is already inconvenient. He would like to leave, continue his military career elsewhere.

The ideal would be even to leave a moment of the country, question to change of air and to revive a morale. Paul Biya quickly realized the state of mind of his aide since his aunt died. And that makes him uncomfortable. Anyway, Roger knows too much, and that is not good, it is not reassuring. If he eliminated Jeanne-Irene for certain reasons, why would not he eliminate Roger for the same reasons?Indeed, in this state of mind, he could crack and let go of the piece.

The President then invites his aide-de-camp to an intimate dinner. The occasion is favorable for him to take stock of the situation. Roger entered his service six (6) months after becoming supreme. Since then, he has served him both as the son he has ceased to be and the soldier he has become.

It is in a particular room that the Head of State installs his aide-de-camp. The table is made. There are dim lights of various colors, and a smell of magic perfume: amber no doubt, or benzoin. These are the two magic perfumes of the President.There is also a sweet religious instrumental music floating in the air. Paul Biya drinks Roger Motaze in a cup.

Then he takes bread from his hand, which he gives him. He does the same with fish. Roger eats and drinks in the presence of the President. Not a single word has been exchanged yet. The music stops. The President gets up. Walk to the door. Stops.Finally, Roger must go the next day on a mission to Mvomeka'a, the village of Paul Biya. He goes there very often besides. Back home, the officer is disturbed: this dinner seemed suspicious. He then goes in turn to prepare a sound document in which he reports his dinner with Paul Biya, expressing his apprehensions.

Because he knows that the President has become a Master in the art of the sorcerer. The next day, accompanied by the army officer, he goes to Mvomeka'a. It is a poorly negotiated turn that will skid to death. His travel companion comes out unscathed. He knew perfectly well the road, which is besides the best of Cameroon.

Is that he had forgotten a tiny detail: when you dine with the devil, you have to sit at a good distance, and use a long spoon. The mayor of Sangmélima, Mr. N'na Ze Bavard, declares that the officer, passing by the town hall that day, saw him and said: "I'm going to the village, I'm coming" . He never came back ... it was a journey for eternity.