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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Call to vote Kamto: King of Baham quarantined

Max Pokam 2, King of Baham and Senator of the Republic is at the center of a post-election controversy. The majority of his subjects blame him for belonging to the ruling party.

The department of the Highlands has always been the object of multiple curiosity. With the dynamism of its population and its wealth of human resource both qualitative and quantitative, the department whose chief town Baham also has the distinction of being the smallest by its size. Bastion of the ruling party, Baham had to redistribute the cards of his political preferences, she who always play through his worthy sons the leading roles on the Cameroonian political scene.

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The recent senatorial brought to the upper house of Parliament his majesty Max Pokam 2. Up to there, no incongruity, except that one of his sons, with regard to the tradition of "Grassfield", did not run for the supreme office. Suddenly, the kingdom is seen divided in two. Pro king and pro kamto. Nothing more normal except that the political game is an arena where the blows below the belt are allowed.

And during the election campaign for the presidential election of October 7, 2018, he says to himself that the king has weighed all his weight, even forbidding the holding of a meeting of the RCM in his kingdom, even giving voting instructions that the most traditional have scrupulously respected, if we agree on the fact that winning the department in question would not change much to the final result , both the gap between the first and the second are considerable. But in Baham, the pill is struggling to pass.

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Elites of the department have quickly plunged into invective, trampling the values ​​of ancestral respect of rigor in Bamileke country. Scenes commonly seen in peoples or traditional authority are not natural. Victim of a real lynching, the king without honor is seen forced to make a video of his mea culpa.

Not enough to blunt the wrath of his people particularly vehement against the monarch, his sons of the diaspora have a behavior that does confirm the tribal orientation that some would like to give the political thing at home. And yet, the example of a most peaceful cohabitation has always been given in the same region in the department of Noun historical bastion of Adamou Ndam Njoya but, or the sultan king of the Bamouns is a senator and longtime cadre of the CPDM party in power.

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The information that has come down to us states that the worst was avoided in the aftermath of the vote or young supporters of Maurice Kamto wanted to burn down the palace of King. The poor now unpopular monarch is preparing to live almost reclusive in his palace for 7 years that will last next seven years. Democracy is also the art of accepting that my father can support someone other than me.