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Monday, October 8, 2018

Cabral Libii is now the leader of the opposition with his score, Says Vision4

Cameroonians are waiting for results that could last two weeks in the wake of a presidential election marked by high abstention and violence in the English-speaking regions. 

On the canvas, provisional results give winner Maurice Kamto followed by Paul Biya. Cabral Libii, the UNIVERS candidate, is in third place.

The estimates are quite different on Vision4. The chain of Amougou Belinga swears by the victory of Paul Biya, the candidate of the ruling party. It is with difficulty that they recognize the irregularities which enamelled the election of Sunday, October 7th.

The comments of the information dinosaurs suggest that there is no chance for the opposition to Biya. The only one who can put the weight against Biya is Cabral Libii who was able to drain a huge crowd behind him during the election campaign. "He is the vice-champion of this election," says Ernest Obama in the show Tour d'Horizon.

And yet in the seraglio, these results shake the Biya clan a little, assure our sources.But even the CEO of the group Anecdote, Amougou Belinga: "Nothing will happen," he reassures all these agitations are "a whirlpool in a glass of water," he said confidently .