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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Britain recognizes Paul Biya's victory

In a statement signed by Minister Harriett Baldwin, the British authorities congratulate Paul Biya on his re-election and invite him to find an appropriate solution to the situation in the English-speaking regions.

Below the statement of the Minister for Africa

Following the recent elections in Cameroon, the Minister of Africa, Harriett Baldwin, said:

The United Kingdom congratulates President Paul Biya on his re-election.

We remain deeply concerned by the deterioration of the situation in the English-speaking regions, which continue to suffer from high levels of violence and human rights violations perpetrated by both security forces and armed separatists. The United Kingdom calls on the Cameroonian government to take urgent measures to remedy the crisis in the English-speaking regions.

We hope that President Biya will engage with all segments of Cameroonian society and work to build trust. It is essential that all parties engage in a peaceful and structured process leading to constitutional reforms, as previously defined by the President, and avoiding the excessive use of force.

The United Kingdom is concerned about the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in the English-speaking regions and its impact on the lives of citizens. We call on all parties to grant full and unhindered humanitarian access to the affected population.

The United Kingdom will continue to work alongside the international community to encourage and support efforts to resolve the Anglophone crisis. It is essential that all parties now work together to ensure a peaceful future for all Cameroonians.