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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Bloody week-end in the North West: this is the sad report

This weekend, there were numerous abuses by English-speaking separatists after the attack in Bengwi, Momo Department in the north-west.

The secessionists besieged the main road of Kumba town in the southwest, paralyzing the traffic. Visible cars, burned garbage and old vehicles were seen at the center of the main road.

Similarly, a forceful operation of security forces and defense makes a balance of at least five terrorists perished this Sunday in Bali, in the North-West region. In addition, a few days earlier, an attack was recorded in the town of Limbe, a southwestern Anglophone region. The result of this attack was two policemen killed, one wounded and weapons carried by the terrorists.

The Anglophone crisis, which began in 2016, is intensifying as the presidential elections approach. Attacks are multiplying and displacements are also intensifying.