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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Biya fake computers: search data to an unknown destination

Information and communication technologies have become targets of malicious acts (theft of computers or data, hostage of computer resources ...) or means to commit illegal actions (blackmail, embezzlement, money laundering). money).

Several countries have embarked on the fight against the Ciber espionage become a weapon of destabilization more effective than the atomic bomb.

A few years ago the Cameroonian government placed the order for 500,000 computers in China, and signed an agreement with Google on the safeguarding of data of Cameroonian students and teachers. Immediately, France, through its operator, has been involved in creating an interconnection space between universities. What justifies this rush of the three powers China-France and USA on what appears to be the intellectual and scientific future of the country?

PB computers have been distributed to students in several state universities, and in the long run about 500,000 computers will be running in the knowledge and research community.

The problem faced by most users is that when these computers are connected to the wifi, they run out of bandwidth in record time. For example, on a broadband connection, they consume 1 GB in 15 minutes, which is very expensive for the user during the first hour of connection.We looked at the issue following the folding of many students on the high consumption of these devices in bandwidth.

This high consumption is not due to the many updates of windows10. By examining the connection log, we see that the computer, upon connection to a wireless network, receives and transmits data.

The data transmitted is the one that leaves the computer, and it should not be important for a user who downloads or surfs.

On a PB computer connected, we found in 8 minutes consumption of 500 MB connection, with 425 MB in transmission.This data transmission is very important, and goes to a destination that the user has not chosen.