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Monday, October 8, 2018

Bamessing: new in the assassination of the young seminarian

According to witnesses, young GĂ©rard Akiata was killed last Thursday in Bamessing, in the northern area of ​​Southern Cameroon, after he had just finished morning Mass in a local Catholic parish. The archdiocese of Bamenda condemns and accuses the Cameroonian soldiers.

He was to continue his studies on October 12 at the spiritual center of Bafut to become a priest after a training at the seminary Saint Aloys Kitiwum, in the northern area of ​​Southern Cameroon.Unfortunately, 19-year-old Gerard Akiata Anyjiangwe was torn from life on Thursday, October 4 at Quasi Parish in Bamessing where he had just finished morning Mass: "Soldiers were passing by the parish, they stopped then entered.They saw Gerald inside the sacristy, they made him come outside, told him to lie down on his belly and get up. What he did.They asked him to lie on his stomach for a second time, then they shot him, "said a witness who said the executioners have abandoned the body bathed in a pool of blood, not far from his rosary.

Difficult to verify if it is the Cameroonian military who are responsible for this assassination. The communication cell of the Ministry of Defense has always been banned from accessing your newspaper.The Catholic Church did not remain indifferent to the fate reserved for this young seminarian. In a statement issued on October 5, the Archdiocese of Bamenda accuses the Cameroonian soldiers of having done the act and invites the members of the parish and the parents of the deceased (he was their only son) to pray for the rest of the soul of the latter.

In a video currently circulating on social networks, a priest, probably from the Archdiocese of Bamenda, denounces what he considers to be the "genocidal acts" of the Paul Biya regime in the English-speaking area: "this act is for the glory of God so that your master, President Paul Biya and his collaborators of genocide (sic) in the English-speaking area of ​​Cameroon is exposed ... the death of Gerald Akiata exposes your plan to kill all young boys from 13 to 35 years of the English-speaking area, "proclaims the man of God.

The Southern Cameroon war of independence between the Cameroonian army and the English-speaking separatist forces since December 2017 not only counts this young seminarian as a victim among the men of God. At the end of last July, Father Alexander Sob, priest at the Sacred Heart Parish of Bomaka in Buea (Southern Cameroon) and former Secretary of Education at the said parish, was murdered by Cameroonian soldiers according to witnesses . In a statement issued on August 7, the National Episcopal Conference condemned the assassination and invited the Cameroonian authorities to open an investigation to determine and punish the guilty. This inquiry is still awaited.

The Catholic Church is not the only one to suffer from this atmosphere of conflict. On July 14, Reverend Isaac Atoh, a Ghanaian minister from the Pentecostal church, was shot dead by Cameroonian soldiers in Batibo from local sources.