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Monday, October 1, 2018

Anglophone Crisis: secessionists attack Mbengwi gendarmerie

These are deafening shots that woke up on Saturday the people of the city of Mbengwi located in the North-West region and chief town of the department of Momo. 

According to witnesses on the spot, it was about 10 minutes to 6 hours that the exchange of fire between the secessionist fighters and elements of the maintenance of the order began.

"At first, it was thought that government troops were simply testing their newly acquired weapons. No, far from that.Gendarmerie and police posts near Mile 18 were attacked, "admits a local resident.

According to him, it rained bullets for nearly 30 minutes before the exchange was interrupted. From the windows of their rooms, residents could hear shouts on the "Water Na Water" road.

It is still not possible at the moment to say if there were victims or not because no inhabitant dared to leave his house. The streets are completely deserted. The places are very quiet now. Mbengwi, the capital of the Momo district, enjoyed relative peace until it recently became the target of secessionists.

Before that, many people had left the city.Those who remained were certain that nothing will happen. But with the recent attack, it is now clear that many have already packed their bags, waiting for the slightest opportunity to leave the city.