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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Anglophone Crisis: The Abducted Mayor Of Kumbo Regained Freedom

The first magistrate of the city of Kombo (North-West) was released after spending more than 24 hours in captivity.

This is Njong Donatus, SDF Mayor of Kumbo. He had been ambushed by heavily armed individuals on the morning of Wednesday, October 10, in Sabga, as he was traveling to Bamenda.

This abduction was later claimed by the is secessionist fighters.

The mayor, was according to his ravers accused of having participated in radio broadcasts as part of the presidential election of October 07.

He finally recovered his freedom in the late afternoon of Thursday, October 11, 2018, nothing has filtered about the exact circumstances of his release, but a source close to the town hall indicates that a ransom was given to secessionists, the same source confides that Njong Donatus was escorted to her blue-black Toyota Prado in the same place where he was abducted.