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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Ambazonia: violent clashes in Bambili, gendarmerie officer reportedly killed

Suspected armed separatists attacked the Bambili gendarmerie brigade on Tuesday morning, which allegedly provoked gunfire.The fighting has forced many residents to remain cloistered at home, while some businesses have closed, fearing for their safety.

The clashes on Tuesday follow those of yesterday, Monday, when armed men attacked security forces on duty around the palace of Fon. The inhabitants of Bambili were all confined to their homes, thus observing the traditional "dead cities" of Monday.

It is still difficult to identify the victims, but Bambili has been under pressure since the end of last week, after the murder of a lecturer from Bamenda University, Paul Mbufong, in the nearby town of Bambui.

Since then, the University of Bamenda has issued a statement accusing unidentified assailants of killing his father.