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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Ambazonia: the CPDM response to secessionist threats

It is clear that with the prevailing crisis in the North-West and South-West regions, very few are those of the political and economic actors able to descend on the ground on this side, to sell to the populations their different projects. and programs.

Fortunately, there is the CPDM to give people the feeling of being people you can count on. When it is not the former Prime Minister Peter Mafany Musongue and Philemon Yang the current tenant of the prime minister, it is Aminatou Ahidjo who defies the threats of secessionist militias or at least, thugs who wear this cap.

So far, only the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People embodied by the presidential candidate, is spread over the territorial extent of the two English-speaking regions, with here, the particularity of having to demonstrate only between 6am and 6pm at night, because of the curfew in effect.

An administrative provision that allows the authorities to better contain the armed separatists, decided to install here a definitive climate of insecurity and terror.Fortunately, the Defense and Security Forces have tightened the device and rout these brigands. Balance sheets are also increasingly heavy secessionist side.

To return to the campaign, one is curious to know how the other eight candidates intend to conquer this precious electorate?And when they do not come for the campaign, how will they be able to supervise this election? These questions, however, should not really arise with regard to the quality of the apparent and operational security system in both regions.

Plus, the sanctuarization of the area is being done progressively on the ground by the Republican troops, breaking the lead screed that weighed on the people. It is only necessary to enumerate today the number of anti-terrorist demonstrations taking place on the streets of Bamenda and Buea, involving both men and women, young people and older people. , all of whom reject with uncovered faces, the famous secessionist movement and all its corollaries.

And these inhabitants who have a feeling of rebirth, therefore do not hesitate to respond massively to the invitations of the party in power, born elsewhere in the city of Bamenda.