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Friday, October 5, 2018

Ambazonia: a civil servant buried alive, another amputee at Babessi

An intense climate of terror has been going on since Tuesday in the Mambim village in the district of Babessi (Ngoketunja department, North-West region), where alleged elements of a separatist armed group proceeded in the night from Monday to Tuesday, then Wednesday, kidnappings and executions of people.

Among the abductees, the mayor of the commune of Babessi, militant of the party in power (the Rdpc) and close to the chief of the village Bangolan, Chafack Isaac XI, recently named Senator by the president Paul Biya of which he is one of the fervent supports . As we go online, there is little information about the mayor captured by the alleged separatists who hate anyone accused of being close to the Yaounde regime. It is nevertheless known - from convergent and reliable sources - that two of his collaborators, the executives of the commune, suffered an inhuman fate: one of the two, that the "soldiers" of the Ambazonian cause accuse of playing the indicators for the elements of the Cameroon Defense Forces who hunt down and kill them, was buried alive, and another cadre of the commune who recently surprised guiding elements of the infamous Rapid Intervention Battalion in the villages to flush out and murder without trial of members of separatist armed groups, he was amputated legs and arms.

The separatists whose methods of retaliation soon have nothing to envy to those inhuman of the Cameroonian army have also captured heads of families that have so far refused to make the contribution by them required to their war effort.

This is the case of a Noun national, Nji Iliassou, settled in the Mambim village, separated from Babessi by a stream of about four meters.

Known to be rich, Nji Iliassou, like all the inhabitants of the village, had been summoned by the separatists, there are some to pay a voluntary contribution of an amount decided by itself, to allow soldiers of the secession to feed themselves and buy ammunition allowing them to cope with the Cameroonian police force. He would have objected to this solicitation, which was initially amicable, and settled on his position when it became more pressing, not without letting the separatists know that he was settled on the territory of the Noun, therefore from the western region, French-speaking, and having nothing to do with the actions of English-speaking separatists.

At the beginning of the week, the "ambas-boys" (familiar name of the elements of the armed groups of the imaginary "Federal Republic of Ambazonia") returned to the charge and formally demanded a sum of 50,000 CFA francs (approximately 88 US dollars), failing which, during their next visit, they would remove one of his wives. He replied that he would not take the risk of passing to the eyes of elements of the Cameroonian army for a financial secessionist because they could also kill him and his family and set their house on fire.

Faced with his stubborn refusal, the "ambas-boys" came back in force on Wednesday and forcibly took Nji Iliassou to their lair where they threatened to bury him alive if he did not pay a sum of 100,000 CFA francs (175 US dollars). In this meeting, they buried an agent of the commune before him and brutally amputated another. It took the family of Nji Iliassou across Cameroon to mobilize financially all day long to keep his life safe and be released by the separatists once they have come into possession of the ransom.

The survivor testifies that other people are still in the hands of secessionists and are still waiting to regain their freedom, that their families come to pay the ransoms demanded. He added that during his one-day stay in the Ambazonian maquis, other kidnapped people continued to be dragged there.