Thursday, October 11, 2018

After two years, CRTV had paid The artist Isidore Modjo the total sum of 50 million he claimed

End of the fight for Isidore Modjo. The artist author of jingles used for two decades not Cameroon Radio Television announced on Wednesday, October 10, 2018 that he received all of the 50 million that the Public Broadcasting Office television owed him. "Finally CRTV has executed the instruction of the Prime Minister of March 29, 2017. Isidore Modjo thank the Prime Minister Prime Minister for his sagacity, insight and integrity. Isidore Modjo also thanks the members of the government and all those who from near and far supported him during his long and hard fight for his rights, "reads in the statement released today by his spokesman journalist Gaston Adamu .

This is the epilogue of a claim that lasts since the year 2015. Isidore Modjo who initially claimed the sum of one billion 800 million CFA Francs used sit-ins, hunger strikes to get into his rights. He had to fight hard, defy the legal proceedings against him to get possession of the 50 million CFA francs he had agreed to take. Isidore Modjo accused Charles Ndongo and CRTV Board Chairman Issa Tchiroma of failing to comply with the instructions of Prime Minister Philemon Yang, who ordered payment of the agreed sum to the beneficiary. Last June he was arrested before the Ministry of Communication in Yaoundé in possession of a coffin and accused of witchcraft. That a few months after having been stuck a lawsuit for "disturbing public order".