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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Accused of betraying Maurice Kamto, the leader of the Baham finally speaks!

In Baham, the traditional authority is far from being honored by his family since the beginning of the process of the presidential election. King Max Pokam II is now unpopular with his people. He is vomited in public transport vehicles, in garages, in bars. In a group on a street corner, individuals do not stop lynching the monarch after the proclamation of the results of the presidential election of October 7 last.

If the people continue to go about their daily activities, it does not fail to evoke the role of the king in this "missed rendezvous" of change at the head of the country. For the people, the chief sacrificed his son for the benefit of politics, in defiance of traditional values. "The king sacrificed Maurice Kamto and his village with.

If he had understood that the choice of his elite as president of the third republic was paramount for the Nation and more for his group and himself, he would not be the maneuver frustrations orchestrated during the electoral process in this district. Despite his position in favor of Paul Biya, he had to think about the future of his group that sell it politically, "said a resident of Hiala-Baham, who speaks anonymously.

At the upper chieftaincy Baham, the king conducts his activities as he is used to. It is 10:12 Monday, October 29, when he moved to the big courtyard of the chiefdom to accommodate the grievances of his people. Although he did not want to express himself formally, the monarch did not fail to specify that the security situation no longer worries anyone in his group. "I do not make a statement anymore. My previous comments have been misinterpreted, "he said.

It must be pointed out that some indiscretions announced it in a shelter in BatiƩ last week. At the home of Maurice Kamto, located in the Lagweu district, the observation seems less visited. According to our source, there is still no trick after the election. Asked about a certain practice of fetishism in this home, our interlocutor will say that it is just the "stories" likely to tarnish his image. However, the Baham already fear the future of the split village in pro Kamto and pro Pokam.

Source: Patrice Nouma