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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

a son-in-law of the Biya couple arrested and remanded in prison for rebellion

The leader of the movement EVERYTHING EXCEPT PAUL BIYA, Nganchop Narcisse, arrested in Douala Sunday morning while traveling to Dakar to protest against the irregularities found during the election of October 7 is being transferred to New prison Bell.

According to a source close to the file attached by the editorial of CameroonWeb, he is currently in the jails of the floor of Ndokotti. The son-in-law of Biya would be accused of rebellion and protest.

On the eve of the proclamation of the results of the presidential election, the security authorities had banned all public demonstrations, calling them disturbances to public order. Thus the meeting followed by a march organized by the Honorable Jean Michel Nintcheu was banned by the Sub-Prefect of Doula 3e. We will come back..