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Monday, October 8, 2018

A relative of Maurice Kamto arrested by a squad of gendarmes

It is 5:30 pm yesterday at Vogt College in Yaounde. In 30 minutes, the polls must close. The last voters arrive. A man recognized as a Mrc activist, finds his name in polling station L. He enters to vote. But to his surprise, he finds that another person has already voted in his place. Anger wins the polling station. The president of this polling station is accused of having voted in the place of the Mrc activist. The confrontation fester between the tellers of the Rdpc, and those of the Mrc. Even worse, a member of Elecam makes an incredible awkwardness, displaying his membership in the party of Paul Biya. "You are going to lose this election, you are Mrc people, we are going to proceed with the counting later, and you will see how you are losers," he told the Mrc activists, for what had become a pass arms between two political parties. Police and gendarmes arrive on the scene, but the situation does not calm down. There is lead in the air.

In the dynamics of confusion, the ballot box is broken by the Mrc activist who saw his vote stolen. Seeing the end of the poll coming, the president of polling station L is accused of having voted for several absent voters. The latter, according to the overlaps made by, is militant of the Rdpc, the party in power.

Since our arrival at Vogt College, the vote is going well overall, but the L office is the only one to be decried by many voters who see many curiosities. "I came to vote in the morning, and the president of this polling station asked me to leave without putting my fingerprints on the ink, which seemed odd to me, but I told myself that as it is still that the morning, he must have technical problems, and I left, "says a voter returned for the count of votes. A confidence that will make many other voters, and all, overwhelming only one office, among the plethora of college Vogt.

The police and the gendarmerie want to embark the activist Mrc guilty of breaking the urn during the mess. The militants of the Mrc demand that the president of the polling station L, is also embarked with their comrade. "It is she who has caused all this disorder because of her fraud, our comrade can be embarked with it too," says an activist of the Mrc.

Okala Ebode the deputy treasurer of the Mrc arrives at the scene, before being embarked without ceremony by a squad of Police and gendarmes came in support, under the leadership of a divisional commissioner and a chief warrant officer.The Mrc framework is embarked with other activists. The police hunt the militants of the Mrc some of whom are forced to be distracted and melt in the crowd.

As we leave the premises, Okala Ebode, the deputy treasurer of the Mrc, along with his comrades, were embarked to an unknown destination.