Sunday, September 30, 2018

Women, sex, fortune, arms trafficking: 13 secrets about Biya's adulterous son

It does not appear on an official photo, nor bears the surname of the presidential family which, however, he claims. He is George Gilbert Baongla, the one who was revealed to Cameroonians in 2012 as the biological son of President Paul Biya.

Even if his media appearances are more and more recurrent lately, several aspects of the character remain a real mystery for the majority of Cameroonians.

Who is really Georges Gilbert Baongla? What do we really know about his past? Camerouweb offers you 13 previously unknown secrets of the "eldest son of Paul Biya".

1. Taste for luxury

His taste for luxury, Georges Gilbert Baongla does not hide it! Although he evokes his humble origins through interviews, the man has never missed the opportunity to exhibit his childhood in opulence and safe from need.

"I never paid the price of famine, I was born with a golden spoon in my mouth," he said to that effect, during one of his many interviews that he gives to journalists in his charming villa Bastos district in Yaounde. And as if to show it to anyone who wanted to see it, the "son of the president" does not hesitate to make his public appearances aboard his many luxury cars. One of his recent acquisitions, the Range Rover SUV. The price, US $ 93,000, is about 50 million F CFA. Also testify his watches at 30 million F CFA he does not hesitate to exhibit the TV sets.

2. Taste for women

Four wives and seven children! The man who admits to having a particular penchant for seduction games already has "two white women and two black women with a fifth wedding in preparation". "I'm the only Cameroonian who can afford that because a woman, it talks," he confides.

3. Armada of bodyguards

While his paternal president entrusts his security close to ten men, the son of Paul Biya moves with, at least, 18 bodyguards. He even plans to strengthen his armada of bodyguards with the latest cabinet reshuffle because the dismissal of some ministers would put his life in danger.

4. Arms dealer

This is in any case what revealed the person himself during one of his recent media surges. The president's son says he is the chairman of the board of ADS, a company that is a weapons supplier, whose revenues allow him to have a lifestyle of "Pacha".

5. Etoudi's dream

It is besides to realize this dream that he created the Party of Republicans "with the blessing of Papa". Whoever does not see his political career outside Etoudi's palace says he is only waiting for "permission" from Paul Biya to run for presidential elections to win his father's post.

6. François Hollande among his most intimate friends

And to climb to the top of the state, George Gilbert Baongla wants to rely on his address book provided enough internationally. The son of the president counts, indeed, among his "most intimate friends" the former French president François Hollande with whom he says to share the political school "of socialism".

7. Paul Biya's protege

Even if his affiliation with Paul Biya remains unclear, Georges Gilbert Baongla would be the protégé of his father. Paul Biya even avoided him trouble several times by categorically opposing the detractors of the son of the president. "He plays his role of father" will conclude the one who never stopped to reject the biological filiation of Franck Biya with the President of the Republic.

8. Paul Biya, his first political adviser

His connection with Paul Biya goes beyond mere paternal protection. Paul Biya is said to be the first political adviser to the president of the Republican Party who says he has moved away from the CPDM because of "predators who roam around Papa".

9. Gilbert Baongla almost took the place of Tchiroma

Being a member of Paul Biya's executive is not one of his ambitions. Georges Gilbert Baongla has, in fact, repeatedly rejected proposals for ministerial portfolios including the communication currently held by Issa Tchiroma against which the son of the president does not hide his aversion.

10. The executioner of ministers

Apart from the minister Issa Tchiroma, whose imminent downfall he never ceases to predict, it is all the "predatory ministers" of his father's regime that Gilbert Baongla has a horror of. The man indicates besides having been at the fall of several of them. A good ten in total. Among them, former Prime Minister Inoni Ephraim or former Minister of Territorial Administration Marafa Hamidou.

11. Press Boss and Globe-Trotter

Before his conversion into composting and hydrocarbons and later the sale of weapons, the eldest son of the president knew the world of the press for having been for several years CEO of the press group "Denial". A real Globe-trotter, the man claims to have traveled nearly 400 countries in the world.

12. Three doctoral students

To get out of the shadows of his father president, the older brother of Brenda and Junior Biya said to have bet on studies, paid in full by Paul Biya "in the largest universities in Europe". He holds three doctorates in political option, in option sociology and in option communication.

13. Its highest quality, discretion

This is why he says he has taken enough time to expose his filiation with Paul Barthélemy Biya'a bi Mvondo, President of the Republic of Cameroon.