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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Western Region Schools still closed because of secessionists

Schools in the Fongo-Tongo and Fongo-Ndeng districts did not reopen nearly a month after the start of the school year.

The collateral damage of the Anglophone crisis! Three weeks after the start of the school year, almost all schools Fossong-Ellelem and Fongo-Ndeng in the department of Menoua, have not reopened. According to the newspaper Le Jour which gives the information in its newsstand number on September 24, 2018, the parents of these localities are beginning to despair.

In Fossong-Ellelem, the CES, the only school in the locality, remains firm. No less students have been seen since the beginning of classes. The establishment is said to be abandoned. At Tsingla Public School in the same locality, only a few dozen students returned to school. The observation is identical to Fongo-Ndeng.

At the root of this prejudicial situation for students and parents, the Anglophone crisis is shaking the neighboring South West. "Under the strong threat of lawless men of the neighboring Southwest who sow and multiply daily terror, acts of crime, the parents did not want to run the risk," reads it.

So, we do not exclude the hypothesis of a white year. But the authorities do not hear it that way. The Menoua Prefect, Balungeli Eboune Confiance, recently instructed the sub-prefects of his command unit to raise awareness and encourage parents to send their children to school.

They had to reassure everyone that the security measures were taken. This sensitization did not work because, on the other hand, the secessionist fighters multiply the acts of intimidation.