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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

URGENT: truths about the support of Freemasonry at Cabral Libii

The information is spreading like wildfire during this campaign period. Cabral Libii member of the 'Freemasonry'? This is the great question that animates the debates in Cameroon since the publication of a document attributed to the "Order of United Rites of Memphis & Misraïm", an order of Masonic obedience that supports the candidate of the UNIVERS party in the presidential election next October.

According to some sources, Cabral Libii was introduced to Freemasonry during his European tour which allowed him to meet Cameroonians of the diaspora.

Joined by the Cameroonweb editorial team, Cabral Libii's communications team denies these accusations in their entirety.In a terse message, the interested party says: "I am now attributed the intention to promote an organization which I take cognizance of the existence through a very colorful document circulating in social networks ... I make Glory to God for His Grace! We have urgent dear compatriots.He urged Cameroonians to remain "focused on the goals of change".

It should be noted that Cabral Libii held his first campaign rally at the Saint palm tree stage of Edéa last Sunday.