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Saturday, September 15, 2018

The secessionists kill in the Littoral, the population panic!

Gunfire is increasingly heard in the municipality of Penja, Moungo department (coastal region).

The army gradually takes over the area of ​​former mayor Paul Eric KinguĂ©. A military camp was installed and reinforced this Thursday, September 13, 2018. Objective: to ensure the safety of the population, but especially to prevent the disorder that begins to emerge in the villages of the area.

In fact the secessionists stormed the locality of Bouba located at 300 F CFA per motorcycle, from the city center of Penja. Since the night of Tuesday 11 to Wednesday, September 12, fields of plantation are destroyed by armed persons from elsewhere, to believe the inhabitants of the village Ngiemboon. Shots are crackling at all times in the area, people panic and the neighborhood Bouba empties its inhabitants.

In just 48 hours, we are already talking about the deaths, kidnappings, and displacements. This instability, better the clashes between the army and the alleged secessionists, follows the exchange of shots in Buea that same night and in Bamenda three days before.

This city which makes agriculture one of its priority activities, has more than 31,700 inhabitants, coming from almost all the regions of Cameroon. Bouba neighborhood compared to others, is more inhabited by English speakers, we are told.

Without delay, the government gets underway in Yaoundé, to maintain peace and calm the population. Security meetings have been organized since then.