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Tuesday, September 11, 2018


Gabon makes an offer of export of crude palm oil to Cameroonian refiners. In 2011 it had been 27 years since Paul Biya had organized an Agropastoral Comice, Ahidjo did it every two years and the country was self-sufficient in food.

Paul Biya has initiated several agricultural programs, including PIDMA which on a budget of 50 billion consumes more than 20 billion for the comfort of executives assigned to this service.

Since Ebolowa's last show, 7 years later, of all programs initiated by the government, only one has emerged and died after two years, the SME Bank in which administrators and their friends have eaten dozens of billion FCFA in two years. Several billion were spent by the Cameroonian government under the agropole program to boost the national production of palm oil, the promoters took the opportunity to get rich without starting any project.

Meanwhile, the CEO of the public company created by Ahidjo, the National Center for Studies and Experimentation of Agricultural Machinery (Ceneema) whose DG has been in service for 44 years has the only assessment, the maintenance of plantations of the President of Mvomeka.

Today, while Bolloré controls 98% of our palm oil production, the government is about to privatize the CDC.

Recall that Ali Bongo launched less than five years ago a program to diversify the economy of this country, launched a few years ago by President Ali Bongo, to make Gabon less and less dependent on oil production.

Today, while exporting to Cameroon, the Cameroonian government puts customs barriers in place so that certain Cameroonian products leave the country because of the under production while it was enough to reorganize the activity all around.