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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Textbooks: Satanism introduced to the Cameroonian program

The 5th class seems to be a level of education that poses the most problem to the Cameroonian educational community for the past two years, with controversial books. Last year, a book on the English-language Form 2 program titled Moving On was removed from the program in the middle of the school year.

According to the then Minister of Secondary Education, Jean Ernest Ngalle Bibehe, the image of a green and white flag in this book is similar to the one English-speaking secessionists are showing to demand autonomy. The document was therefore accused of apologizing for secessionism and simply withdrawn from the program.

Form 2 in the English system corresponds to the 5th grade in the French system, and this year the science book on the program in this class is still the subject of much debate after a week of class for the academic year. 2018/2019. Originally, a chapter called health education, which explains in great detail deviant sexual practices and therefore students should be wary.

The vocabulary is raw, the authors do not go around the bush to describe these practices characteristic of the most obscene and perverse pornographic movies. The controversy then swells about the relevance of the subject in the education of the student and the need to introduce it to the curriculum at this level of education, the 5th class where the age of the student oscillates between 11 and 14 years old.

Rejection of opinion

Debates in the media and social networks, there is unanimity around the need to treat the subject at one time or another of educational life, either directly or indirectly. It is about preventing youth from the dangers that lie ahead, society being more and more perverted and more and more sexual predators on children.

But the question arises as to whether the National Council for Accreditation of Books, set up by a decree of the Prime Minister on November 23, 2017, has taken into account a number of parameters that enter into the educational process, such as the timing, cultures, religious beliefs and good morals, the curiosity of children who is quickly sharpened for something presented to them in the form of forbidden.

The lifting of the shields is therefore total. This lesson is considered disguised advertising of deviant sexual practices, the first advertising action being to talk about the object, the man or the subject, whether for good or bad, whatever, it is necessary to speak about it . Here we proceed by publicity by negation, which consists of denigrating something to precisely draw attention to it and push the subject to try it.

Beyond the social mores that are attacked, the virtue that is undermined, the modesty that is reached, this book is moreover violated a provision of the Constitution, which in the preamble states that "No one can be worried because of its origins, its opinions or beliefs in religious, philosophical or political matters subject to respect for public order and good morals. "And there the pious people, and more the Muslim women are strongly worried in their belief through the contents of this book. It is hard to imagine how a Muslim parent feels about this content, which demands that the body of the girl and the woman be completely covered by respect for religion and modesty. Can he only read this passage with his children to help them understand?

In the Decree of 23 November 2017 on the organization of the National Council for the Approval of School Manuals and Didactic Materials, Article 14 (2) states that " in the event of a major change in political or social circumstances, the infringement of republican institutions or proven insufficiency of the scientific quality of a book, a textbook or teaching material, found by the Council at the initiative of any interested person, the latter may withdraw the said book, textbook or teaching material and proceed to its replacement. "

Satanic ideology imposed from elsewhere

Must we then withdraw this book. Yes, most of the people who have spoken on the subject are in heart. Will we remove it then? It becomes more complicated simply because the Cameroonian school book remains under colonial rule both formally and substantively.

Analyzes show that the idea of ​​introducing this type of lessons to the program comes from beyond, as we think, conceived and tested in the laboratories of international institutions that insist on imposing and systematizing deviant practices and practices. accept as normal, in the context of the ideology of liberalism that has slipped to libidism. These laboratories explain, after a scientific study that concluded that the cries of a child raped and sodomized were synonymous with enjoyment and manifestation of satisfaction, that the child has the right to enjoy all sexual urges of his body from an early age.

Third world governments, local authorities are actually only in the operational phase, and as they remain externally dependent on their education system, they have no choice but to endure they are through agreements, conventions and charters that they have signed and ratified, which guarantee that certain freedoms and deviances are protected.

It remains simply for the people of the Third World and Cameroon to oppose a resistance that can be manifested only in the total overhaul of the education system to conform to local realities, cultures and customs. This is what countries like China, Japan and other Asian powers have long understood, closing in on Western culture that they considered destructive of their identities and customs.

This case in any case allows us to understand why religious extremists or others in the Middle East for example have always opposed Western education considered satanic. This reminds us of the speech of Al Qaida who after the attacks of September 11, 2001 was happy to have reached the heart of Satanism.

In this context, it is legitimate and logical to simply withdraw this book from the program. But doing so would be an act of distrust that the government will have the courage to ask and especially to assume. Will we cross this course, as was the case last year for Moving India Form 2? That's the question.