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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Student abduction in the North West: the strange silence of the USA

Despite the assaults on students in the northwest, some foreign powers say nothing.

Since September 3, 2018, the school year is effective throughout the national territory. And yet, in the northwestern and southwestern regions, students and teachers pay a high price. Indeed, they suffer the wrath of the secessionists. Abductions, kidnappings, assaults, the list is not exhaustive. Yet, despite these abuses committed on a daily basis by outlaws, some foreign governments, especially European, remain mouths sewn.

Indeed, countries such as the United States, Great Britain, Norway have not yet pronounced on the recrudescence of secessionist attacks on students and teachers in the north-west. A silence that worries indeed, but says a lot about the position of these countries with humanitarian and humanist claim.

Except, according to some indiscretions, the above-mentioned countries plus South Africa, would host secessionist leaders. These are the manipulators whose deadly instincts one would never have guessed, who give orders for the length of days to the performers who destabilize the country. Thus, Ayaba Cho Lucas, Mark Bara, Tapang Ivo Tanku, Ikome Sako, Chris Anu, Boh Hebert, Eric Taw, David Njie Makongo and companies reside in these countries "guarantors of human rights". A silence that raises the problem of the complicity between these countries and the destabilizers of Cameroon.

Recall that the secessionist movement was set up to destroy the Biya regime. At a time when the latter is suffering loss of life in his fierce fight against terrorism, none of these foreign countries has asserted his support. On the contrary, the American ambassador made a media outing to ask President Paul Biya to come back through the big door in history, citing Mandela and Washington who left their own power. A statement that sparked strong reactions in the country of Paul Biya. As if to give reason to secessionists, sowers of chaos and desolation in a legitimate state.