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Tuesday, September 4, 2018


"I will make you an exclusive: I negotiated the entry of Mr. Tchiroma to the government", these words are from Pr Charlemagne Messanga Nyamding, it was during a debate organized by a private radio station broadcasting since the economic capital Douala

The politician, one of the greatest advocates of the regime in place and well known in the Cameroonian media landscape was keen to make this other exclusive on the radio antennas

Professor Messanga Nyamding made it clear that the government and, on the instructions of the President of the Republic, invited him to negotiate the entry into the government of Minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary

"I'm going to make you an exclusive. It was I who negotiated Mr. Tchiroma's entry into the government. I was the second intermediary mandated by the very high hierarchy, me Messanga Nyamding. I fulfilled the mission under the control of a very high personality, Minister René Sadi. I got down on my knees and Chiroma said to me: Messanga, go tell the hierarchy that I accept. It had its offices in Tsinga (district of the city of Yaoundé, Ed). Today everyone can congratulate me to have been the negotiator of the best minister of Cameroon ", confides the Jurist-political scientist, full member of the Democratic Rally of the People of Cameroon (CPDM)

Minister of Communication since June 30, 2009, Issa Tchiroma Bakary has earned the trust of President Biya and Bat today the record of longevity to a ministry of sovereignty

Although he has never been rewarded in a government redevelopment, Messanga Nyamding does not despair. He continues, he says, to receive special attention from the Head of State.

The biyaist and activist of the first hour has always dreamed of landing a position in the Cameroonian executive.

He had been seen in a brief interview with the President of the Republic. It was at the Palace of Unity on May 20th

"The President called me, he came to me and he said to me, Professor, you are doing the right thing. We follow you regularly, continue and above all do not get discouraged, "he exulted

Prof. Messanga Nyamding nevertheless often suggested under the thatched houses that it was time for young "political wolves" like him to be highlighted, by a prominent political and administrative promotion.

Author of the theory of the "scientific coup", the academic has always praised the head of state. He has never failed to discredit some of his flames party comrades called "plotters from within"