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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Shooting at Hotel Sawa: new elements revealed

"These were shots of preventive summons fired by security elements," said Samuel Dieudonné Ivaha, Governor of the Littoral Region.

The city of Douala is under high security since the afternoon of Monday, September 24, 2018. This is because of the gunfire heard in the premises of the hotel Sawa, located in the Bonanjo district. Confusion reigned for more than an hour before the defense and security forces managed to bring calm.

The elements of the BIR, an elite body of the defense forces, stand guard of this prestigious hotel. The people suspected of wanting to attack the life of the Mayor of Buea, capital city of Sud-Ouest, one of the regions in the grip of a civil war, are in operation by the national gendarmerie.

Regarding the firing that disturbed the tranquility of the clients of the Hotel Sawa and residents, the governor of the Littoral Region issued a statement in which he downplayed the incident "The immediate investigations immediately open do not reveal any threat to the within the Institution which has undergone a systematic search of all its compartments after preventive fire shots fired by the security elements.

Also, the Governor of the Littoral Region wishes to reassure the occupants of the said hotel in particular and the people of the Region in general that the security system remains responsive as evidenced by the speed with which this incident was managed and circumscribed. Explains Samuel Dieudonné Ivaha, Governor of the Littoral Region.