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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Series of murders: blacklist unveiled at Etoudi "Confidential note"

The rumors have often run out of existence of a list of personalities that members of a clan in the power in place had drawn up to physically eliminate them. Germinal's investigations now make it possible to establish the existence of the said list which is revealing of the battles between the clans taking place within the regime and in which it is written in black and white that personalities of the Republic were to be slaughtered costs that costs.

These include Amadou Ali, Remy Ze Meka, Akame Mfoumou, Talba Malla, Laurent Esso, Ferdinand Oyono (deceased), Abah Abah (prisoner in Sed), Engoulou Henri (deceased in prison), Mendo Ze (in prison in Kondengui), Milla Assouté (in exile in France), Pius NJawé (deceased), Marafa Hamidou Yaya (prisoner incarcerated in Sed) '. These names are contained in confidential note No. 007108 / CAM / PR / NC of 4 September 2010.

In this confidential note, one can also read: "Since the appearance of the famous soundtrack to destabilize the Republican institutions, the forces of defense stopped net thanks to the vigilance of the services of refreshments, markets and other warm places where they engage to exactions on civilians namely Tiko, Kumba, Limbe, Batouri and other localities. BIR and GP are [indexed by] populations. Despite the reversal and sanctions against these undesirable elements in the land forces as punishment.

The GP long known for its discipline is not the rest ... The desertions and abandonment of post [guard] are at the origin of the irresponsible acts of the soldiers who are drowned in alcohol in the neighborhoods. Unruly men and women who seem little by little to escape the control of chiefs more concerned with business than the supervision of their staff.

For politicians commonly known as sorcerer's apprentice, the situation is uncertain because of the climate of political tension in the run-up to 2011. Despite the motions of demagogic support, there is a calculated silence, because it is a strategy to unmask the followers of the double play and triple language.

They engage in a real battle where all the blows are allowed to position themselves, with internal struggles accompanied by denunciations, slander, unhealthy and gratuitous intrigues by newspapers interposed, their macabre game sought to sink the country into the abyss.

To do this the former DGSN and DG / DGRE are responsible for trafficking all syntheses of information to not inform the hierarchy. It is a real crab pond that was forming ... In their diabolical aim, we have seized a list with the names of the following personalities to kill at any cost: Amadou Ali - Remy ZE Meka - Akame Mfoumou - Talba Malla - Laurent Esso - Ferdinant Oyono (deceased) - Abah Abah (in prison) - Engoulou Henri (in prison) - Mendo Ze, René Sadi - Milla Assoute (in exile) - Then Njawe (deceased) - Christian Tumi - Maraea Hamidou Yaya. This nebula managed to infiltrate the services of the presidency, the armed forces, the police, the civil society [...] ".

One can easily draw a parallel between this list of personalities to be shot down and the rough maneuvers that led to the clash of some of them, incarceration that corresponds to political assassinations, given that some of those who had hatched this conspiracy macabre still have the wind in the system.

Note: This article was published for the first time in September 2017