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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Serail: these maneuvers of Atanga Nji to smoke Paul Biya

False poll, false motion of support to President Paul Biya, false rallying of taxi motorcycles without voters' cards ... the list of incongruities imputed by a segment of the public opinion to the Cameroonian Minister of Territorial Administration is growing steadily worrying. 

It is a gathering of drivers of mototaxis, Tuesday, September 18, 2018 at the path of Makepe Douala, which sows the doubt on the mental posture of the current Minister of Territorial Administration. Paul Atanga Nji declared "this is the first time I see 30 000 mototaxis gathered for an event of this nature ... Support for President Paul Biya". In reality, this number could not exceed 3000 souls, journalists, sportsmen and onlookers including.

Mototaxis without voter cards

If we can put this huge difference in numbers under the blow of the traditional disparity that exists in all the countries of the world between the organizers and the observers of a public event, it is on the other hand difficult to explain the meaning of the concessions made by the member of the government to his interlocutors.Under wraps, these mototaxis drivers presented the meeting as "the acceptance by the Minat of their right to: travel in the forbidden direction, no longer to control the municipal police borough councils (the national police not controlling them more since mathusalem); the recognition of their fundamental right to circulate even on the sidewalk as it is the case on the axes: crossroads camp Yabassi - exit market Mboppi and Mobile Bonakouamouang - red lights Bessenguè ... ". What is even more curious is that no one can say with certainty that this group of mototaxis even holds for 1 / 10th of its members, the voter card. Concessions made, even tacitly, to the main actors of the chaos in the city traffic in Douala without any quantifiable electoral visibility.From then on, doubt settles.

G35 or Shell empty

A doubt reinforced by another fact unfolded the same Tuesday always in Douala but this time in a sumptuous hotel Bonanjo. The motion to support President Paul Biya by a group of individuals outrageously dressed as G35.A heterogeneous group of people straight out of anonymity and unknown to all journalists for whom the Republic has not more secrecy because of many years of experience in the field.

In analysis, it could be more about a bunch of broken arms, marginalized in total socio-professional failure and looking for the daily pittance, the time of the elections being a period of harvest in their jargon ... that real young local opinion leaders and the diaspora as they wanted to believe.Their proximity to the Minat could not have been a serious cause for concern if it had been anything else apart from this massive vote to President Paul Biya promised by people without the slightest ounce of the smallest scale popular that can exist. To this must be added, the recent poll published by an American cabinet giving the president Paul Biya winner of the poll of 07 October next.

A poll to researcher

A so-called survey published by a US-based institute but, as oddly and shamefully as it may seem, the sponsor to a filiation with the Minat. It was enough to increase the doubt about these figures and generally about the personality of the Minister of Territorial Administration.

To date, there is no formal proof of the involvement of the Minister of Territorial Administration in the production of this survey even less in the implementation of the G35. During his natural and circumstantial proximity to the two facts, added to his involvement in the mototaxis movement, the public is equally justified in doubting the sincerity of the member of the government and seeing him as a barbouse in a tie suit.

Towards a fabrication of false results of the presidential election of October 7th?

From there to think that he could be a craftsman in case of electoral trio, especially because it is his ministry that bears the heavy responsibility of securing the entire electoral process, there is only one not that some are eager to cross briskly. But by that time, Minister Atanga Nji will still have several opportunities to correct his image in the public opinion that had welcomed his very first measure of daily reporting in the chain of command of the territorial and the prohibition of the sale of hunting weapons by armories throughout the country.

Reporter: Rodrigue Tchokodieu