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Friday, September 14, 2018

Serail: Paul Biya very disappointed by Minister Atanga Nji

In accordance with a decree signed by the Minister, Secretary General to the Presidency of the Republic, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh Ngoh, on September 7, 2018, the Secretary General informs the Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji, that President Paul Biya was responsible for the supervision and resettlement of all divisional officers who left their command posts in the Northwest and South West.

The notice also invited the Minister to do so before September 10, 2018.

In the event of resistance, the Minister Atanga Nji was called to ask the help of all the security services of the country (DGSN, National Gendarmerie, DGRE and others).Between the date of issue of the notice and the deadline of 10 September, nothing has been done in the different sub-prefectures concerned.

All divisional officers still have to be relocated a week later.

Critics see the minister's non-compliance with hierarchical orders as a blow to the regime and a sign that "the servant can no longer serve the master in practice."


The sub-prefectures and officials concerned are:

Northwestern Region

Menchum Prefecture

1st Senior Divisional Officer

(Lienwotue Patrick)

Fungom Sub Prefecture

(Bekolo Mukete David)

Furu Awa Sub Division

(Wouansi Patrice)

Menchum Valley

Subprefecture (Derek Nwanji Lokombe)

DO Assistant

(Ntomba Roger Brice)

Sub-prefecture of Wum

(Kouekam Guy Honore)

Prefecture of Momo

Sub-prefecture of Ngie

(Nyaso Mohamadou Nfor)

Sub-prefecture of Njikwa

(Shu Canicius Numfor)

Southern Region West

Prefecture Meme

Prefecture Nkonye Sub

(Ekole Blessed Epimbe)

Prefceture Lebialem

1st Division

Senior Non -Officer (Lakwe Emile Atehmbapang)

Prefceture Wabane Sub

(Augustine Augustine nwanagham)

Prefcture Sub Fontem

(Ewane Jude Mbong)

Prefecture of Kupe Manenguba

Sub-prefecture Nguti

(Meke Ebala Jean Marie)

Prefecture of Ndian

Prefecture Dikome-Balue

(Ebai Wilson Ebi)

Sub-prefecture of Toko

(Garga Di Guir)

Note that the Presidency of the Republic has entrusted the Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji, to try to acquire the new premises that will replace the burned offices as a result of this fight.