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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

School Return: Muslim Society In Anger Over Sexual Scandal In The Book Of 5th

The first week of the school year was shaken by the 5th book highlighting sexual practices such as: rape, pedophilia, zoophilia, premature sexuality, incest, sodomy, homosexuality and many others .

This manual has sparked controversy on the web and made headlines, with people expressing dissatisfaction with the government. Moreover, the Muslim community did not remain indifferent.

At first glance, it was the founding imam of radio AL-Houda who threatened to kidnap his children including those who were not even in 5th of the school. He thus expressed his ordeal, based on the Sharia laws that govern Islam; acts such as sodomy being condemned by Sharia law.

At a second glance, the Muslim community in general strongly prohibits the teaching of these practices in schools. While the book is unavailable in bookstores, we are thus between the quest for the book and its rejection at the same time; a paradoxical situation.