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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

REVELATION: Senator close to Biya accused of financing Ayaba Cho

A political exile in Norway, Ayaba Cho Lucas is one of the charismatic leaders of the movement for the liberation of Southern Cameroon for several years. He is an excellent speaker. But in recent weeks, this former member of the UBSU, a student rights movement of the University of Buea, is the focus of much controversy. His leadership is challenged by a good fringe of Southern Cameroonians.

In fact, several activists and sympathizers of Southern Cameroon's struggle for independence accused him of having received money from some of Paul Biya's regime's spearheads to sabotage Southern Cameroon's struggle for independence by mistreating foreigners. by arresting or killing other fighters. Some put forward the name of Paul Atanga Nji, Minister of Territorial Administration. Others that of Senator Nfon Victor Mukete. But nothing allows us to give credit to this information.

Local sources, some forty members of one of the armed branches of the English-speaking independence movement, the Ambazonian Defense Force (ADF), controlled by Ayaba Cho Lucas, were arrested a few days ago by other independence movements that are established in Southern Cameroon. The arrested fighters are accused of terrorizing people, especially in Batibo, and thus betrayed the revolution.

But for the support of Ayaba Cho within the movement, the latter is a victim of his charisma and the jealousy of other separatist leaders because Ayaba Cho is the one that the international media invite the most for interviews. Be that as it may, the future of Ayaba Cho Lucas within the leadership of the English-speaking independence movement is threatened: "This movement is a popular movement and not a leader's affair, what could happen is that Ayaba Cho will be replaced, the fighters accused of having betrayed the revolution returned to other armed branches of the movement and the name ADF will be changed, "analyzes an anglophone journalist based in Limbe.

According to this colleague, it is only a slight wind that does not affect the unity of the revolutionaries on the ground. In a video currently circulating on social networks, the Red Dragons, another armed wing that controls Lebialem (Southern Southern Cameroon), through their commander Field Marshall, said they will continue the fight even though the independentist political leaders established in the West no longer want it.

Columnist: Michel Biem Tong