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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

United Nations to recruit 27,000 new staff for the 2018-19 season campaign

As part of our global work program (Sustainable Development Goals) for the 2018-19 season campaign and the introduction of unpublished projects, UNICEF's Joint Inspection Unit (JIU) initiated the recruitment of new staff in United Nations system organizations around the world by the Department of Human Resources of the European Regional Directorate of UNICEF (UNICEF France) committed to the study of APPLICATION FILE.

This topic had been proposed by the UN Secretariat and endorsed by several other participating organizations. Thus, for the promotion of the employment and the professional insertion of the young graduates to reach the objectives of the UNDP and to reduce the rate of unemployment, after the hiring of the 25.000 new recruits around the world during the year 2017, United Nations bodies, UNICEF is once again launching the international recruitment campaign for new staff across all the European and American continents according to the distribution of the recruitment committee.


-Economic and Social Policy.

-Egality of the sexes.

-Human rights.



-Communication for International Development.

-Alliances with the Public Sector and mobilization of resources.

-Wash (Water - Sanitation and Hygiene).



-Prevention of Diseases.


-Administration and Finance.

-Procurement and Logistics.

-Technology of information and communication.

-Human ressources.

-Protection of children.


1-Be between 22 and 65 years old at the most.

2-Be of good character.

3-Be available to travel immediately.

4-To know how to speak French and English.

5-Hold at least a bachelor's degree or any other higher professional degree.

6-Have acquired professional experience would be an asset.

How to apply?

To apply for the recruitment program, you must send us your application as an attachment by email to the professional email address of the European Regional Office of UNICEF committed to the study of project application files (UNICEF France): projects. recruitment.unicef@europe.for an application for enrollment in this recruitment program.

Documents to provide:

- A curriculum vitae (manuscript or typed on computer)

- A letter of motivation

- A photo ID

- copies of diplomas obtained

- Copy of an ID (Passport, National Identity Card, Driving License or other valid ID) valid.

- work certificates or certificates of services rendered (if you have them).

(Any other documents deemed useful may be used).

Deadline for submission:

The deadline for submitting applications is Thursday 21 February 2019; UNICEF reserves the right not to advertise positions of authority; Admissions will be granted taking into account the specific administrative requirements in force in the UN Organs as well as the constitution of your application. If your application is successful, UNICEF will let you know the checkpoint as well as the related salary in the draft contract that will be shown to you while following the international procedure of hiring within UN bodies .

PS: (Please read each of the following detailed points)

- To ensure equality of opportunity for all applicants, no APPLICATION FORM will be accepted by hand-to-hand deposit at our headquarters, by FAX, POSTAL or MAIL DHL.

- If you had applied for the first wave of unsuccessful recruitment of project staff before the end of reaching the number of recruits planned for the first wave, we advise you to send us your APPLICATION FILE again. updated as needed.

- Applications must be sent by email to the email address of the UNICEF France Office:


- Please send the documents in JPEG or PDF format for ease and simplicity of their readability during the printing of the files as attachments for the study of your application.

- The absence of one of the documents required to submit the application makes your application incomplete.

- Candidates who have submitted their applications on time and whose file is successfully studied before reaching the number of recruits provided for by the ICC will be eligible to be selected.

- If you are applying via a cyber café, do not use the public email address of the cyber café or the computer center to send us your application; create your own e-mail address for the security of your data and the personal follow-up of your application.

- Do not send several applications (for different applicants) by the same e-mail address.

In addition, successful candidates who do not follow the specific recruitment procedure in accordance with the rules in force in UN bodies and the term clauses will eventually be replaced without notice.


In accordance with Article 1 of the decisions with the UN COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT of 26 January 2016 on: NEW SPECIAL PROVISIONS TO BE FOLLOWED BY UN BODIES IN THE CONTEXT OF RECRUITMENT OF INTERNATIONAL STAFF , no more UNICEF office or representation in Africa Zone is mandated to act or intervene in this recruitment program to prevent the risk of frequent scams on this continent until proven otherwise; Only the regional office of UNICEF France is mandated for.

Your application is welcome to UNICEF!