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Thursday, September 13, 2018

"Re-elect Paul Biya would be a disaster for Cameroon" says former minister, Titus Edzoa

Titus Edzoa, former minister and former secretary general of the presidency of the Republic, has just published a rant about the regime of Paul Biya. In this book entitled "Cameroon: Fight for My Country", he states that "Cameroon has lost its respectability and credibility.

Several international organizations rank Cameroon among the most corrupt countries. Thousands of Cameroonians in the diaspora are systematically discouraged to return.

Titus Edzoa, also a former political prisoner, says that a re-election of Paul Biya on October 7 would be  "a disaster"  for Cameroon.

"Cameroon: fight for my country" deals with issues related to the resolution of the Anglophone crisis, the revival of the economy, the role of the diaspora. The book looks like a political program. On this point, the former spawn of the current regime indicates that "a political program can be done at any time because it can not be improvised."

Titus Edzoa thinks that his book would be of great help, as much for the candidates running for the presidential election in October, as for the rest of the citizens.

Reminder: Titus Edzoa wanted to run against Paul Biya for the presidential election in 1997. But he was arrested before the elections and sentenced to a heavy prison sentence for embezzlement of public funds. He is released in 2014.