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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

RDPC: the long list of potential successors eliminated by Biya

Whether they are ministers, aides to the president or influential CPMR executives, most of the supporters of the party in flames presumptive successors of Paul Biya would have suffered the same fate since the 1990s.

This is in any case what the pan-African magazine notes Young Africa released this week. In a dossier devoted to the presidential election in Cameroon, the newspaper has returned to the misadventures of certain CPDM executives to whom we have been able to lend presidential intentions ...

Here is an excerpt from the Jeune Afrique dossier:

The master of the chessboard

In the late 1990s, Justin Ndioro was believed to be in pole position. This centralist, who worked for the Cameroonian Aluminum Company (Alucam) and the National Electricity Company (Sonel) before joining the government (Finance, Energy), seemed to have the ideal profile. He died in 2007 of a mysterious evil. Then the spotlight turned to diplomat Rene Sadi, Deputy Secretary General of the Presidency, Secretary General of the CPDM Central Committee and Minister of Territorial Administration and Minister of Territorial Administration, before the master of the chessboard decides to send him back to the penumbra of the presidency, as minister in charge of mission.

A part of the establishment had preferred to bet on the dazzling Edgard Alain Mébé Ngo'o, Minister of Defense between 2009 and 2015, civilian administrator with a handle, a man of network, but he too was brutally left the government and sent home , without position or mandate.

The darling of the hour is the current Minister of Finance, Louis-Paul Motazé, major of the National School of Administration and Judiciary, passed by the Ministry of Economy and the General Secretariat of the Prime Minister. But until when ?

When the time comes, everything will be played out in the CPDM, the ultra-dominant party tailored to its founder and designed to ensure the sustainability of the system. It is not even sure that the disappearance of the old president will benefit the most agitated pretenders. They will have to go through the investiture on the part, a challenge.

According to the Constitution, in the event of a vacancy in power, the Senate Speaker will take over the duties of acting in order to organize a presidential election in forty days. The CPDM candidate will naturally take part, but he must have been appointed by the political bureau of the party ... Or this instance is incomplete: the Head of State does not replace the deceased members.Members "prevented" either. Incarcerated since 2012 and sentenced to twenty years' imprisonment for "intellectual complicity in embezzlement", Marafa Hamidou Yaya still sits there.

Could he really have a say if it's needed?One thing is certain, the party does not escape the oppressive atmosphere maintained at the top of the state, where reign the uncertainty of the next day, the suspicion and the denunciation, it is necessary to fear that the business is not regulated expeditious, as in the Communist Party of the former USSR.

The election is approaching and the scenario of this curious campaign continues to be written out of the presence of the principal concerned. "He has an absolute monarchic behavior, free from the daily constraints of an executive power as it is conceived in a Republic with a presidential system," summarizes a political scientist from Yaounde.

Paul Biya does not care. Believing that he owes nothing to his associates while considering that they owe him everything, he lets them go on television sets to carry his word. He fell back on his small family circle, in which his wife has acquired a notorious influence, especially in the choice of close collaborators of the Head of State.


Nothing he does suggests that he is considering post-power. It is out of the question to leave the supreme judiciary before militarily defeating the English-speaking secessionists who threaten the peace and integrity of which he has always boasted of being the guarantor. Not so much that the public finances of Cameroon are in the red and that level of indebtedness is critical.

Not until he proved he was able to organize the African Cup of Nations scheduled for 2019. A sporting event which he ended up doing a personal business - Biya wants his CAN as one offers a fire artifice to sign the apotheosis of a long presidency. He will not leave now. Not like this. But when ?