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Tuesday, September 4, 2018


The video goes around the web for several hours and leaves no one indifferent. It was performed last Saturday by members of the High-Nkam Youth Association (HD).

According to a member of this association with whom the information TGV has long discussed, they went to Bafang today to donate to prisoners. It is at this moment that they will see this minor who will catch their attention. They will question him about the reason for his presence in this prison. His story will not leave them unmoved. This is how they will take permission from the prison manager to make the video.

The testimony of the girl makes the tears flow. Here is what she says: "My name is Sylviana Tchokouangou. I was in Mbanga with my parents. I have a friend who came to get me from there to come here to Bafang. I came here with him. I left he wanted me to live with him. I said no, I could not stay with him. I went to my aunt's house. One morning he took the clothes with the shoes he came over there to give me. I asked that it sleep where he told me he bought it. I took. I was with my aunt and around 5 pm he came home with the police. He took me. He said there that I had taken his sister's clothes.

Well after we conducted the investigations we knew it was him. His sister desisted the complaint he went out. Me as I did not have anybody I went down here ... It's been three months that I'm in Banana Prison ... My parents are in Mbanga ... My father came to see me. My mother was angry she did not come ... My mother was angry because coming here I did not sign her. I was called to the floor once ... We said nothing ... ".

According to the story of the minor she is held in prison for three months for a story of shoe and coat. The sister of her boyfriend who fled from Mbanga to Bafang found it normal to release her brother who stole the clothes to give to the minor and leave her in jail.

The prosecutor found it necessary to let a minor rot his life in prison for clothes and shoes. If it was his daughter would have adopted the same attitude? If this version is proven it is that we become more and more inhuman. So far the girl is still in prison. We ask you to share to the maximum so that it makes an echo.