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Tuesday, September 11, 2018


Wilfrid Ekanga in a forum published Tuesday, September 11 explains in essence the reasons for his support to the MRC Maurice Kamto for the presidential election of October 07

The bright young Cameroonian political analyst responds to all those who accuse him of being corrupted by the MRC

"I would like to reassure you that the first ones surprised by the news of my membership, it was the MRC itself. I have received neither money nor any promise to set my course This choice results from a deep reflection and balancing the pro-contra of each party. So it was an argumentative approach: the only method I know, and which has made me known to you for a few years already, "he explains. offers you the whole of the J tribune below


It seems that when we say we will vote, we cease to be a political analyst. The country called "Cameroon" (shrimp) is undoubtedly the largest theater in Central Africa. There, it is forbidden to do what is not forbidden.No no, you have not misread: at home in Cameroon, one can do something absolutely legal and absolutely legitimate (his absolute right), and still be guilty. We can even be insulted for that. Yes, I know, it's stupidly amusing.

Since I announced my support for the MRC (Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon) for the elections of October 7, the most unlikely theories have continued to fuse. Some have information about me that I do not own. Great art! I would have been minted by Professor Kamto to give him my voice! ...

Interesting. It must have been a colossal amount to be able to corrupt me like that.That explains the new villa that I bought yesterday in Geneva, as well as my new Porsche Cayenne.the chrome wheels. But we will try to be more serious. And to raise the level of this circus, I would like to reassure you that the first surprised by the news of my membership, it was the MRC itself. I did not receive any money or any promise to set my course

This choice results from a deep reflection and balancing the pro-contra of each party.It was therefore an argumentative approach: the only method I know, and which has made me known to you for a few years now.

LOVE CHAGRIN The real reason that drives those who clumsily try to criticize me on this chapter, and they know it in their heart of hearts, is the fact that I did not choose the same party as I did. them. ***Quite simply***. If no member of the MRC criticizes me, it's because my choice suits them. AT

In other words, if I had chosen Cabral, or Osih or Paul Biya, no sympathizer of these formations would have tried to relieve me of my duties as political analyst.

I also wonder with whom I signed this unofficial contract of employment, for having to justify myself. You understand that it is actually a heartache that drives them. It's like a woman who decides to leave you one day without warning. Love will soon turn into visceral hatred. I know something about it, so I understand you.

So, I take your insults as a compliment, because they result more from injury than from hate. You would have preferred that I come to reinforce your troops, rather than that of the adversary. Stupidly So, it's not my analyzes that have changed, but rather your way of seeing them. It is up to you to question yourself.


What is the use of analyzing politics if we do not make a choice and do not encourage the one we have chosen, in order to see it materialize the ideas and proposals we have made to him? ? If you feel that I do not have to choose sides and vote, your reasoning is silly, and here's the proof: On the issue of the ICC, I support the illustrious Laurent Gbagbo since the dawn of time.

In other words, I would have been Ivorian that I would have voted for the Popular Front. Would you then have said that I am no longer a political analyst? But I proclaim my support for Gbagbo for three eternities on all my platforms, and I have never hidden my aversion to Alassane Ouattara.

Curiously, all these years, according to some people, I was the best analyst they have ever seen. Here I make a choice for my own country and Vlan! Your languages ​​make a 360 * spin back and I suddenly become a subjective guru, as if by magic. By dint of laughter, I had cramps in the abdomen.

Really, witchcraft does not pay. Because the question comes back: do you have the impression that since last April, date when I announced that I will vote the MRC, my publications lost in quality? After the 72 days spent in Cameroon analyzing national politics every evening on TV and radio stations that are competing with each other, have I once lacked clarity?

Did you have the impression during my two big conferences in Yaounde and Douala, that you have wasted your money in entrance fees to go to hear a guru devoid of objectivity? No one came to complain. And yet, my dice were already thrown. How many of us would have been able to post such a balance in the argument, including those of you who still claim to be "neutral"?

Do not be fooled: a neutral political analyst in his own country is only a coward who, for fear of criticism (very often without intelligence) of his politically immature compatriots, withdraws behind an impartial facade. At this level, he prefers to limit himself to criticizing the imperialism of whites, who are a global and external subject that guarantees broad support. He is afraid to jump into the pond and assume, because thinking that those who followed yesterday are very likely (obviously stupid) to let go without warning.

To wonder what is the purpose of his famous work of analysis. A political analyst is a reservoir of observation, of suggestions, of proposals, of ideas, which ends up being put behind the political formation where he feels these suggestions and these ideas the better off. Otherwise, he remains an event commentator whose comments do not affect the course of events.

If the comments are influential, it will be inexorably where that influence is felt. It's basic logic. In other words, a political analyst has a CHOICE OBLIGATION. And even more during the election period, except in the event that he is not really convinced by any of the groups in the running. EPILOGUE It's because of your bad reading of politics that my ad makes you so aggressive. You think that the political arena is a fencing ground or the goal is to cut yourself with a machete. And in this register, you think that everyone is like you.Since you have been initiated into hating and waging war with all the ideologies across the way, you also think that all across the way hate you just because you are from different parties.

The policy I intend to practice has nothing to do with it. You are Cameroonians / Africans before being CPDM, MRC or RDR.This country belongs to us all and the duty to develop it, he and Africa, is our responsibility. There will be a life after the elections, and winners as losers will continue to carry together this national and continental duty. That is why I will never give Cabral or Osih wrong if I know he is right. That's why you found me "neutral" in my TV analyzes for two months, while I chose the MRC since the beginning of the year. This surprises you because you thought we were the same in triviality: error 404: I'm not like you. I like you, even if it surprises you. Do not wait for me neutrality.

The dish that I decided to serve you is the dish of ** objectivity **, and it is enough to satisfy the belly. You are not of this opinion?

RENDEZ-VOUS Anyway, we will most likely find ourselves in Cameroon in two weeks as part of this exciting presidential campaign. I am very happy and well prepared to defend the MRC's political offerings where it is needed, and I would be very pleased to face in a televised debate, those of you who feel the need to test my objectivity. Do you feel able to run the risk of losing votes to your party world-wide? So come and prove to the nation that Claude Wilfried has become a non-credible guru, and that the program of your political formation is the best. Who knows? Maybe on the contrary, it's me who will lose votes to mine.

Ekanga Ekanga CW Frankfurt, September 11, 2018 (I was this weekend in Switzerland, but I could not see President Paul Biya, we may see him in Cameroon on his next visit abroad )

article published Tuesday, September 11 explains in essence the reasons for his support to the MRC