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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Presidential 2018: this is how SED pushed Akéré Muna to run against Biya

The FPD candidate said it was the Sed convocation last March, which led him to pursue his ambition to compete in the next presidential election.

Akere Muna is one of the candidates wishing to succeed President Paul Biya to occupy the office of President of the Republic of Cameroon in order to improve the life of the country. However, this high position also represents, for some candidates, the opportunity to praise their brilliant careers.

Akere Muna is one of them, even if officially, this aspect of things has never been mentioned. He is one of the privileged of the Cameroonian society. Son of a former Cameroonian minister, he has a career as a man of the richest right, especially in human rights. He thinks: "If your father was a blacksmith, you'll end up a blacksmith." And based on this assumption, the lawyer has nurtured political ambitions from 2009. In a program that was dedicated to him on Wednesday on the pan-African television channel Vox Africa, Akere Muna said he had this idea after publications Young Africa that ranked him among Cameroonian "presidential" personalities.

Akere Muna, 65, was encouraged in this way by his brother-in-law Bernard Muna, as well as Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo. While he has just been invested as head of his country, in January 2017, the head of state launches at the place of Akere Muna: "So Akere, when will your turn come? "

Akere Muna could have run in the 2011 presidential election. "I did not feel it," he recalls. His older brother Bernard Muna presented himself under the banner of the Alliance of Progressive Forces (AFP). It came out with a percentage of 0.38% of the vote.

The idea that he could be President of the Republic has never left but it was an incident in March 2017 that would have finally decided. On March 20, Akere Muna is summoned to the State Secretariat for Defense (Sed) for reasons hitherto unknown. There are, however, many who saw this as a link to the lawyer's position on the Anglophone crisis in the North West and South West regions. Akere Muna arrives at the Sedle 24 March.

"I told myself that I was going to introduce myself so that such things could never happen again in my country," he says. Since then, the project has taken shape and Akere Muna has entered the campaign.

He had argued that the majority of Anglophones under the age of thirty are in favor of Southwestern and Northwestern independence from the Republic of Cameroon. But also, that the use of armed forces is not a solution to the crisis that shakes the two regions.

However, we must find a way out of the Anglophone crisis in the aftermath of October 7, 2018 and even adopt a form of the state that can agree all Cameroonians. Akere Muna's project is to bring Cameroon back to federal form.

Akere Muna's journeys with Cameroonian justice have not yet been completed. He is being prosecuted by his younger sister, former Minister of Arts and Culture Ama Tutu Muna, about their father's legacy. She accuses him, among others, of forgery.