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Friday, September 21, 2018


Serges Espoir Matoma justifies his decision by the insignificant nature of the financing imposed on candidates by the government.

In fact, the government decided to first grant a first tranche of 15 million to the various candidates vying for the battle of Etoudi, amount intended for the election campaign which opens in 48 hours.

The other installment according to the law, will be paid to the candidates after the election. Except that it will have to cross the threshold of 5% to benefit.

Serges Hope Matoma, first secretary of the United People's Party for Social Renewal (Purs) "our refusal is categorical we will not collect this money. Our campaign is valued at 8 billion FCFA. We are not the only ones who have refused and we are in contact with others. It is unacceptable that the administration decides to make fun of Cameroonians.The budget of our campaign has not been established according to the administration. The pure will do without this funding. We prefer that this money stays in the coffers of the state".

In the process, we will learn from official sources that the UNIVERS party of Cabral LIBII, the SDF of Joshua OSIH and the RDPC of Paul BIYA each took the 15 million CFA francs.

Recall that in a correspondence dated November 20, 2017, the secretary general to the presidency of the Republic, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, passed on to his counterpart of the prime minister, the presidential instruction to "bring from 35 billion CFA francs to 50 billion CFA francs "the budget for this election. Sum well above the 21 billion CFA francs that had been allocated for the last presidential election, October 9, 2011.