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Friday, September 14, 2018

Presidential 2018: residents of Maroua want to vote for a minister of Biya

The activists and sympathizers of the ANDP responded massively to the rally of their party in the neighborhood Dougoï in the commune of Maroua 3, Wednesday, September 12, 2018. Except that during this meeting of installation of the basic authorities of the party, the the goal of their national president Hamadou Moustapha to strengthen the unwavering bond between his party and the national president of the CPDM was not on the agenda.

That is, all those who have succeeded in the parlor of the day did not mention the name of the national president of the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People (CPDM), the presidential candidate Paul Biya for whom the ANDP rolls .

Even less, they did not mention the presidential elections of October 7th. The latter focused on the legislative and municipal elections to which ANDP intends to show its ambitions. "We loudly call each of us to vote overwhelmingly the ANDP in the upcoming legislative and municipal elections, because our son Hamadou Mustapha has done so much for us. He built schools, hospitals and many other works to his credit, "said the president of the ANDP section of Diamar├ę.

A situation that Minister Hamadou Moustapha wanted to reframe during his speech. Regarding the presidential election, the opponent wants to be clear: "We are all of the opinion that we will massively vote President Paul Biya on October 7", insists the President of the ANDP. Not without reminding its activists to vote the candidates of the ANDP in the upcoming parliamentary and municipal elections. Thus, fusing the current mismanagement of the communes.

As one can not vote without a voter's card, the ANDP wants to reassure its activists: "We will make sure that you have your birth certificates, your national identity cards and your voter cards at the next registration. Because we have learned that many of you do not have them and those who have them have left their cards in Elecam. So please go and get them to vote for President Biya on October 7th, "says Hamadou Moustapha.