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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Presidential 2018: Police Chief orders redeployment of Student Officers ahead of election

Cameroon’s Delegate General of National Security, Martin Mbarga Nguele, has signed a release ordering for a redeployment of second year Student Police Officers across the country until after October 15.

The secret security decision dated September 14 that is now within the public space orders all Regional Police Chiefs to conduct the redeployment.

Mbarga in the security note hints that the adjustments must be from September 25 to October 15.

He writes in the document that the officers concerned would be assigned to ensure security at strategic public institutions across the country.

With this decision, the nation is adjusting its public security operations as campaigns begin for the October 7 Presidential election in the coming days.

The time frame provided for in the document points to the fact that; the battle for security will be before, during and after the polls.

Such moves come at a time when, the demand for security officers in the trouble-plagued Anglophone Regions alone has reached historic levels for over two years.

Within this period, students Gendarmes have been sent to the field earlier than expected.

Before now, security agencies across Cameroon have remained in a fierce battle against insecurity in the East from Seleka rebels in neighbouring Central African Republic (CAR).

The battle against the Boko Haram has also sapped the energy of Cameroon security officers. This time around, the already fragile security situation of the country puts the demand for public order in the race for the country’s top job at another level.