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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Presidential 2018: Paul Biya refuses to visit the English-speaking area

The electoral campaign for the presidential election of October 7 actually started weekend (22.09.18). Joshua Osih, the main opposition opposition candidate, Social Democratic Front, SDF, began his campaign with a motorized caravan in Douala, Nkongsamba, about 150 km north of the economic capital.

As for Maurice Kamto, who wears the colors of the MRC, the Movement for the rebirth of Cameroon, he led a popular meeting in Douala on Saturday (22.09.18), despite a ban imposed by local authorities .

Cabral Libii, the youngest candidate in the running has also given, go to his supporters in Douala.

Paul Biya's absence in the field

The president-candidate did not personally launch his campaign, particularly in the two English-speaking provinces of the country. The outgoing President preferred, as usual, to delegate his powers to his closest associates.

"The head of the North West RDPC's regional campaign, Prime Minister Philemon Yang, is on the ground, he has held a rally, and you have followed Prime Minister Musonge," said former English Prime Minister Peter Mafani. Musonge), which unfolds in the south-west, so the campaign is normally in the southwest and north-west, and incidents can not paralyze the campaign, "Jacques told DW. Fame Ndongo, a spokesman for the presidential candidate, the Communication Secretary of the Central Committee of the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People, who is also head of candidate Paul Biya's regional campaign delegation, in the southern region and Minister of Higher Education of Cameroon.

Campaign under tension in Douala and .....

In the two English-speaking provinces of Cameroon, the northwest and the southwest, campaigning activities are restricted between 6 am and 6 pm local because of the curfew in effect. Fearing terrorist attacks, Prime Minister Philemon Yang advised ruling party militants, the CPDM, to avoid public gatherings and carry out a door-to-door campaign.However, he invited all candidates to campaign in the English-speaking areas.

There was strong tension on Saturday (22.18.18), between the militants of the candidate Maurice Kamto and the police in Douala-Bonabéri. A similar scene was also recorded on the sidelines of a rally of supporters of young candidate Cabral Libii in a stadium in Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon.

Incidents that refuses to dramatize the Director of the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) of Maroua, chief town of the Far North region of Cameroon.

"It may happen that for various reasons that we want to frame the organization of these campaigns so that security requirements can be taken into account.Our context is marked by risks that are more or less present. are isolated cases, since it did not prevent that the different states majors campaign can still hold their meeting ", defends Issa Saibou.

In both English-speaking provinces

Fearful of terrorist attacks in English-speaking areas, Prime Minister Philemon Yang advised ruling party militants, the CPDM, to refrain from any public gathering.